Apple Watch 5 Hardware wont upgrade new features to lead the way in the future

 Apple Watch 5 Hardware wont upgrade new features to lead the way in the future

Part of the reason is the lack of competition for this watch. According to Strategy Analytics, Apples dominance in smart watches is almost unbelievable: last year, Apple accounted for more than half of all smart watches sold, more than twice the sum of Samsung and Fitbit, which ranked second and third.

Apple also redesigned Apple Watch last year for the first time since its launch in 2015, which means that Apple Watch Series 5 will almost certainly continue to use the design of Apple Watch Series 4, rather than adding more new design elements.

In particular, it is rumored that this years biggest update of Apples watch is either exterior decorations (such as leaked titanium and ceramic shells) or software-based updates, such as stand-alone app stores and rumored sleep tracking functions.

Early watches updates did not have the same problem because they lacked most of the features, such as waterproof, full-featured microphones and speakers, and LTE connections that made watches independent of mobile phones. But now, the watch has all these features, and the new features that Apple may add this year are becoming fewer and fewer.

At the same time, Apple AppleWatch still lacks the most essential function that all smart watches need, that is, a constant-light screen that displays time without the wearers large wrist movements.

One way Apple can help achieve this goal is to match the style and material of the new watch with the aesthetic style of the user. In addition, Apple is introducing new health features, such as sleep and menstrual cycle tracking, to help make its products more attractive.

At present, the only real competitor of the new Apple Watch is Apples own old devices, especially when Apples software is locked in. Compared with any competitor, Apple watches are much more integrated with the iPhone, making it a natural choice for hundreds of millions of customers of the iPhone.

With Apples industry-leading support for advanced hardware, the upcoming watchOS 6 will run on all products except the first generation of Apple Watch, which means that Apple needs convincing reasons to persuade existing customers to buy new products.

But without a more meaningful competitive push, Apple could continue to dominate with its huge market leadership and upgraded products. As the saying goes: If something hasnt broken, dont repair it. (Small)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541