French men beat their girlfriend to death: a maximum sentence of 20 years for lying about her disappearance

 French men beat their girlfriend to death: a maximum sentence of 20 years for lying about her disappearance

Figure: Agence France Presse

Overseas Network, September 9, according to the latest French media disclosure, a 50-year-old woman in the western city of Angre was killed by her partners lively fist. This is the latest case of domestic violence that has been exposed continuously in France.

According to the Parisian newspaper, the case actually happened in March this year, but due to the judicial investigation lasted for a month, it was delayed until recently to inform the outside world.

According to Angres prosecution, the suspect was a 46-year-old man who was also the partner of the deceased. On March 15 this year, he reported the case to the police on the grounds that he had not heard from his girlfriend for two days and was worried. Finally, he admitted to the police that he had killed his partner with a heavy hand.

After receiving the report, the police found the victims body in the bed of the deceaseds home. The time of death was one to two days ago. Forensic expertise showed that the deceased had multiple wounds and was suspected of being beaten in his lifetime.

Investigators questioned the statement of the deceased mans boyfriend based on the evidence collected from on-site investigation and forensic expertise. The latter eventually confessed to the fact that he beat his partner heavily in front of the evidence.

On April 26, the police formally arrested the suspect. The prosecution charged him with unintentional violence causing death and sentenced him to 20 yearsimprisonment. The prosecutor stressed that there was no evidence that the suspect committed intentional homicide.

Although the deceased and her boyfriend lived separately in two places before their death, the prosecution still found that the case constituted an aggravating circumstance of partner crime. According to statistics from anti-domestic violence organizations, this is the 102nd case of women dying of domestic violence in France this year.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284