The other side is determined to break up. Only in this way can the situation be reversed.

 The other side is determined to break up. Only in this way can the situation be reversed.

The other side is determined to break up, to do so can reverse the situation! - Save your ex-boyfriend

First of all, we should make it clear that if the man insists on breaking up, the first reaction of the woman should not be to make a big noise, but to calm down.

After all, when a man insists on breaking up, its no use arguing with him, it only makes him bored. Therefore, we should keep calm for the first time, so that we can take the initiative.

Next, we can deal with the situation separately. If we break up during the quarrel, you can say, OK, lets calm down for three days.

Next, pack up and leave your house, and remember to pack up and leave by yourself instead of driving the man out.

And if one day suddenly, the man asked you out and said goodbye.

Under such circumstances, it is suggested that women should not bluntly say I dont want to score. Instead, they choose the false break-up state, which seemingly promises to break up, but in fact, they silently strive to make themselves better, and then appear in front of each other, so that each others eyes shine.

How do you attract your boyfriend back to you?

First of all, I said before to make myself better. I suggest that women sign up for a yoga class or a flower arranging class at this time to cultivate their temperament. If they used to be sloppy before, they can sign up for a cosmetic class and learn how to make up.

Buy some good skin care products, clothing, accessories, and dress yourself up beautifully. Generally speaking, you have to behave completely different from before in order to have the basic elements of attracting peoples eyes.

Then, inadvertently appear in front of each other, let each others eyes shine.

But we should also pay attention to the way we appear in front of each other. We cant ask each other out directly, nor can we wait downstairs in each others company.

In this way, it seems very deliberate, easy to let the man have a original you so change is for me, originally I am so attractive idea.

Therefore, we need to choose the kind of inadvertent appearance, such as attending a party of friends of the other party, meeting a boyfriend occasionally at the party, but dont talk about the past warmly, but pretend not to see the same, or directly toast a glass of wine from afar, showing that kind of sincere and open-minded smile, which will make men feel very happy. Panic.

Because it means that you have completely abandoned this feeling, whether the man still loves you or not, he would not like to see the woman he once loved as nothing, and this woman is still so charming, which is more unacceptable to men.

In such a situation, the chances of a man looking for you to recombine will be infinite! __________

This shows that if the man decides to break up, to save his boyfriend, girls do not have to cry. First, calm down, then according to different situations to deal with, the same can turn the death into a living situation.

Reprinted please indicate that the original text is from Xuyuan Emotional Institute!