Syria strongly condemns the joint U.S. -Turkish patrol in northeastern Syria

 Syria strongly condemns the joint U.S. -Turkish patrol in northeastern Syria

Damascus, September 8, Xinhua News Agency (Reporter Wang Jian) Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on 8, strongly condemning the joint patrol of the United States and Turkey in the northeastern part of Syria, believing that this action flagrantly violates international law, violates Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In a statement, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that the Syrian side strongly condemned the United States and Turkey for conducting joint patrols in the northeastern Jazira region, which was intended to complicate and prolong the Syrian crisis. The statement stressed that Syria totally rejected the so-called security zone and that Syria was determined to frustrate all kinds of schemes aimed at Syrias territorial integrity.

Turkeys Ministry of Defense said in a statement on the 8th that in order to establish a security zone east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria, the Turkish Armed Forces and US military personnel carried out the first planned joint ground patrol, including two stages of organization and operation. The statement said the patrol began at 10:00 local time and lasted three hours. Patrols are also supported by UAVs and helicopters.

According to Turkish media reports, Turkey hopes to establish a 32-kilometer-deep security zone on the Syrian side of the Turkish-Syrian border to garrison troops in the area and clear the Syrian Kurdish armed peoples protection forces. On August 7, the Turkish-US military negotiating delegation reached an agreement on the establishment of a security zone. The two sides have set up joint operations centres to coordinate and handle related matters. (Journalists: Zheng Siyuan and Shi Yang)

Source: Xinhua responsible editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026