Is it fair that celebrity platforms make more money in an hour than scientists do in their lifetime?

 Is it fair that celebrity platforms make more money in an hour than scientists do in their lifetime?

Certain Theorem: Ask first whether, then why.

Do stars really earn more than scientists?

The problem depends on how to analyze it.

Does Fan Bingbing earn more than Tu You? Yes.

Does Hengdian group show earn more than university teachers? Thats certainly not true.

From the industry point of view, the income of the entertainment industry, the upper limit is indeed not high, but the lower limit is not bottom, zero income, and even debt dream-by-dream entertainment industry story is not uncommon on all stages.

Many people think that scientists are poor, but they are not.

Huang Xinxiang, the richest man of Chinese Americans, is a wonder in biomedical field. He has many invention patents, among which the greatest contribution is the invention of cancer drugs. In 2016, he ranked higher on the rich list than Sun Zhengyi.

And Edison, a famous scientist and businessman. Simmons, a famous mathematician, runs hedge funds with wisdom. These two guys can Baidu about how rich they are.

Therefore, when we analyze problems, we should not blindly make direct comparisons.

And judging a career cant be based solely on income.

Stars have a high single income, but no one can guarantee that they will become a star. There are countless small stars who disappear after a big hit, and those who can become a star once are the lucky ones in the industry.

The difference between stars and scientists is not caused by stars or scientists, but by markets.

Although there are stars from young to old, but after all, it is a minority. Literary and artistic work is a bowl of youth rice, the older the more worthless. In fact, many industries are like this. After reaching a certain age, income will begin to decline, and even there is the risk of being eliminated.

Scientific research industry is a rare occupation that can eat old age meal. The older the knowledge and experience, the more valuable it is. Cultivation in youth can bring harvest in old age.

Then, the reason why the public is dissatisfied with stars is not necessarily that they love science, but that they hate stars more. One of the reasons is that it is easy to hate them for making money, and it is too difficult for them to make money by themselves.

But is it easy for all stars to make money?

Assuming that a star was born in a science class, the pre-art exam experienced a thousands of horses crossing a single wooden bridge, the elimination rate of Beijing Televisions Zhongxi Opera is not lower than that of key universities.

Even in art colleges, most people will not have the opportunity to enter the performing arts circle after graduation. The proportion of screening is no less than that of most colleges and universities. The art examination is never a shortcut to the college entrance examination.

Even if we can get out of the way, whether a star has popularity is also the markets final say or even metaphysics. The competition of entertainment circles is no less competitive than other industries.

Are there any stars who can become famous overnight without any effort? There must be.

Besides, we get the income from the big lists when we look at stars.

Not to mention how serious the list is, even if it is true, the money does not belong to the star himself, but belongs to the star team, even a companys manpower and operation depend on this money.

The second reason for hating stars is that stars do not create real value, but scientists are fighting for human progress.

Actually, a star can create commodity value, but his commodities are songs, plays and even himself.

They can be seen as content workers, selling fantasies and desires. It is fair that when people have desires, they will naturally consume for them.

As far as scientists create value, thats for sure. Theres no need to say much here.

In the end, we must also seriously understand that what we hate is that celebrities should never earn more than scientists.

What we should hate is that the so-called stars who can only play with traffic make more money than the conscientious scientists.

At the same time, we also hate that the so-called scientists who are not learned and inexperienced earn more than the stars who are both virtuous and artistic.

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