English No-name guard single free kick + corner kick + Oolong! Almost wearing a hat

 English No-name guard single free kick + corner kick + Oolong! Almost wearing a hat

Jacobson broke the deadlock with a direct free kick in just five minutes. In front of the right penalty area, Jacobson kicked a perfect arc ball with his left foot. After crossing the wall, the ball penetrated the near corner of the goal, and the goalkeeper did not touch the ball with all his strength.

Although he is a left-back, Jacobson managed the set-pieces of the team because of his excellent footwork. In the 36th minute Jacobson crossed the right corner. The biography is fast and tricky, and the visiting team player Postwerk blocked the ball into his own door in a hurry.

In the 50th minute, Lincoln City scored a controversial goal. In Lincoln City corner kick attack, both sides had a player injured in the penalty area and fell to the ground. The Lincoln City players did not kick the ball out of the line, but continued to attack. Grant crossed from the left and Akind shot the door at close range. Despite protests from the home team, the referee still decided that the goal was valid.

In the 75th minute, Jacobson scored a direct corner and the score was set at 3-1. Jacobson didnt cross the right corner when he took the penalty. Instead, Jacobson swirled the far corner with his left foot arc. The ball, with a strong underspin, flew over the goalkeeper and into the net.

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