The National Securities and Futures Dispute Mediation Center has entered the countdown

 The National Securities and Futures Dispute Mediation Center has entered the countdown

At the meeting, Huang Yong, deputy general manager of the service center, said in his speech that the service center and local workstations have become important channels for resolving disputes in the capital market. By the end of 2018, the service center had set up 35 mediation workstations throughout the country, and signed a memorandum of cooperation with the securities regulatory bureaus and trade associations around the country, forming a dispute mediation network centered on Shanghai headquarters and radiating the whole country.

The service center actively explores the dispute mediation network, and the advantages of network mediation gradually emerge. Since May, 2018, China Investor Network has been opened to the present, the investment center relies on its network mediation platform to deal with 531 disputes, which reduces the cost of rights protection, improves mediation efficiency and brings great convenience to investors. Huang Yong said.

Huang Yong said that in 2015, the investment center took the lead in innovating and implementing the mechanism of small claims mediation in the capital market. Up to now, it has established a cooperative mechanism of small claims mediation with 12 jurisdictions and 47 corporations in China, covering securities, funds, futures and investment consulting, to accelerate the promotion of small claims. The mechanism of litigation and mediation is constantly falling into place.

In addition, a number of experts and scholars, mediation organizations and managers attended the forum and actively made suggestions and suggestions. They shared innovative achievements and experiences in practice, and looked forward to the development trend of the national securities and Futures Dispute Mediation center.

The head of the Interests Protection Department of the Investor Protection Bureau of the CSRC said that the CSRC attached great importance to the construction of a diversified settlement mechanism for disputes in the capital market. Since 2016, in conjunction with the Supreme Peoples Court, efforts have been made to build a multi-resolution mechanism of disputes, which is organically linked, coordinated, efficient and convenient for the people. A system of multi-resolution of disputes has been established, a multi-dimensional and wide-ranging mediation network has been initially established, a team of professional mediators has been created, and judicial and securities and Futures supervision has been formed. The favorable situation of mutual support and smooth cooperation has yielded good results. Next step, we will continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the court system and continue to promote the construction of a multi-resolution mechanism for disputes.

During the discussion and exchange, Guo Li, Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University Law School, mediator invited by the service center and Fan Yu, professor of Renmin University of China, discussed the issue from their respective perspectives.

It is worth mentioning that the head of the dispute mediation Department of the service center, based on the practice of the service center mediation, makes an empirical analysis on the settlement of group disputes in the capital market, which provides a reference for the settlement of group disputes.

The person in charge said that at present, the construction of a diversified settlement mechanism for securities and futures disputes has achieved good results. By the end of July this year, mediation organizations had accepted more than 15,000 disputes, successfully resolved 115,000 disputes and helped investors obtain compensation of about 7.02 billion yuan. Next, the investment service center will continue to standardize and promote the diversified settlement of securities and futures disputes, and continue to promote the construction of diversified dispute resolution mechanism.

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Daily: Yang Qian_NF4425