Encourage Landing Branchs Creative Board Policy to Flourish All over the Country: Experts Should Send Charcoal in Snow

 Encourage Landing Branchs Creative Board Policy to Flourish All over the Country: Experts Should Send Charcoal in Snow

It is reported that in order to speed up the declaration and landing number of local medical start-up enterprises, as early as 2018, many provinces, municipalities and economic zones have issued support policies to encourage enterprises in all levels to participate in the declaration.

According to the data provided by Shanghai Securities Exchange, as of September 8, the number of declared companies was divided into three regions: 31 in Beijing, 25 in Guangdong, 25 in Jiangsu, 21 in Shanghai and 14 in Zhejiang.

In this regard, Li Xiangfeng, fund manager of Beijing Yunfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the Securities Daily that the number of enterprises landing in a region can objectively reflect the advantages of talent, capital and industrial clusters in the region, as well as the ability of the region to incubate high-tech enterprises.

Regional encouragement and support of enterprises landing on the board of science and technology fundamentally illustrates the regional implementation of the national strategic direction, but also related to the degree of openness of the region. Li would like to further express that the quality of enterprises is affected by the level of economic development and openness of the region.

Dong Dengxin believed that the number of queuing enterprises of Kechuang board was not related to the support policy of the region, but to the industrial policy and orientation of the region. The industrial policy and planning of a region determine the direction of industrial development of the region, so in the long run, the orientation and layout of the industrial policy of the region determine the industrial structure of the region. Dong Dengxin added.

For example, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued on July 30, 2019 Some Opinions on Promoting the Sustainable, Healthy and High-Quality Development of Shanghai Venture Capital clearly put forward that we should recruit excellent talents at home and abroad, attract all kinds of funds to participate in venture capital, strengthen the linkage between venture capital and various financial institutions, and actively promote the linkage of investment, loan and insurance. And other supporting means to improve the incentive policy.

In this regard, Li Xiang believes that the government should pay attention to industry review and technical review when formulating policies to encourage enterprises to enter the company. It cant lead enterprises to make up for the fraud like the new energy vehicles before.

Stage-by-stage subsidy is more reasonable and sustainable. Only by allocating capital subsidy rationally to all stages of the enterprises operation and development, can the long-term development of the enterprise be more stimulated. Li would like to further express that the conditions for stage consideration can be set by choosing growth factors such as the number of patents, the growth of business data, and the expansion of market share.

Dong Dengxin said that providing incentives directly to successful companies to motivate them to enter the companys board is an inversion of the end.

The incentive policy of the companys landing on the board is more like aicing on the cake, but for the start-up high-tech enterprises, it is more necessary tosend charcoal in the snow. Dong Dengxin further analyzed that when designing support policies, local governments could support enterprises to innovate from the source, encourage more high-tech enterprises to land locally by attracting investment and other means, instead of using funds to reward the results of the companys landing board.

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Daily: Yang Qian_NF4425