Women owe 6 million yuan in debt and then scramble for another million dollars to kidnap their children and tear up their tickets

 Women owe 6 million yuan in debt and then scramble for another million dollars to kidnap their children and tear up their tickets

Duan claimed to have suffered heavy losses in the stock market, lost more than 30 million yuan, carried more than 6 million yuan of debt, was listed as a dishonest by the court, with 1.3 million yuan to live in seclusion in Dali. Meet Li Moutan and Tan Moutan, who are making virtual money; Duan Moutan handed over more than one million yuan to them, and they lost their blood. Duan kidnapped a 7-month-old baby from Li Moutan and killed it. On September 3, the case was heard publicly by the Dali Intermediate Court.

Duan Mou, female, undergraduate. Because of the high debts on private loans and divorce from her husband, she came to Dali alone to find a new life.

In early 2016, Duan Mou came to Dali Caicai Village and was fascinated by the scenery there. He decided to live in seclusion here. During this period, I took a look at an inn. After talking with the landlord, I decided to rent the Inn and run it by myself.

The inn is not big. The rent is 60,000 yuan a year. I put a lot of effort into decorating the Inn and planting a lot of flowers and plants in the yard. As soon as I enter the inn, I can feel warm. Duan Mou said that she wanted to live this life, and had time to make friends to come to the inn for vacation.

In 2017, Duan met Mr. and Mrs. Li and Mrs. Tan. They got along very well and talked about everything. In the eyes of outsiders, Duan was like a family. Knowing that the other party is making a virtual currency - Bitcoin, a website has been set up specially in foreign countries, and plays like a wind and water, it is suggested that Duan Mou also invest in it. In 2017, petty fight and petty fight invested 30,000 yuan, which has been unprofitable. In 2018, another one million yuan was invested, and there was no return. Since the second half of 2018, the Bitcoin market has fallen sharply. Many people have been deceived. Many of them are looking for Li Moutan to report to the public security organs. On March 11, 2019, Duan Mou heard that Li Moutan and his wife were leaving Dali. She was in a hurry. She asked Li Moutan and his wife to have dinner and tried to keep Li Moutan and his wife. After dinner, Li Moutan said he was going to buy something. The child was held by Duan Moutan.

Duan Mou, holding Li Mou Tan Mous son, took a car and left Caicun, arriving at the ancient city of Dali. Let Zhao Shifu take the child temporarily, falsely pretending that the child is a relatives child, and return to Kunming on urgent matters. Please take it with you for a few days. He also bought milk powder and other daily necessities for the child, and gave Zhao Shifu a reward of 10,000 yuan.

Duan Mou thought that her home had been destroyed and she could not go back to her beloved village. She decided to kill her child. Li Moutan responded to the information and said, Why do you want to do this? Sister, lets be private! Duan responded, Its too late for justice and for the victims.

That night, Master Zhao returned the child and 10,000 yuan to Duan Mou.

At 10:30 that evening, Duan Mou took his child up and down a hillside section of Lotus Village and made several rounds. Cover the child. Duan Mou took a taxi to a foot-washing city in Dali and thought about it all night. On March 12, after daybreak, Duan took the initiative to submit his case to Dali Public Security Bureau.

The public prosecution charged that Duans act constituted the crime of kidnapping. At the same time, Li Moutan filed a claim for criminal supplementary civil compensation, requesting the court to order Duan Moutan to execute the death penalty immediately and compensate for economic losses of more than 870,000 yuan.

Duan Mou stated in court: I am willing to accept the judgment of the court.

The case will be adjudicated at a later date.


@ Qiao Aqiao 516: Death penalty! Its vicious to start with babies!

@ Im the second-year girl you cant understand: no matter what, the child is innocent, killing the child in pain, unforgivable.

@ djdjdjdhebs: adultscontradiction, but a child to bear the consequences, is really not right. Poor boy, its only seven months.

@ Pedestrian 51999686: You cant get angry with children and old people if there are any disputes. There is no basic human nature.

@ The Cool World at the End of the World: How to be cruel to such a young child.

@ One bad thing: Still that sentence, the harsh law can not be thrown away.

@ Chen Hao _Linghu Shanping loves Lori: Its so sad that such a small child cant even see the world clearly. Life and life just begin, he is taken away by the devils hot hands. I cant understand how to get down to my hands. I sincerely hope to cut off all the black hands and injuries that reach out to my children. I hope that one day there will be no more harm in my childrens world.

@ Xiaojun: Can anyone blame it? Whether it is speculation in stocks or funds, it is not said that there is absolute earnings. If you think youre losing money, you kill. Dont play without this tolerance. His greed trapped him and hurt a baby. Whats the difference between this and the outlaws?

@ Good-hearted candy house is me: born to be human, but also please be kind.

@ Chang CiCiCi_: Its hard to imagine how uncomfortable parents are. Children cant let go. Such people cant let go at all.

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