Be polite to Taiwanese parents of Hong Kong thugs: children should not participate in politics

 Be polite to Taiwanese parents of Hong Kong thugs: children should not participate in politics

Tu Junqing, speaking to freshmen at the opening ceremony of Taiwanese University on January 1, said, If this is the opening ceremony of the University of Hong Kong, maybe not so many people will attend it. He also said that Taiwanese students are very happy, to be able to talk freely and peacefully and to think about the past and future of democracy. After the speech was exposed, many parents protested. Tu Junqing himself wrote in Facebook on the 6th that some parents called Taiwanese universities to ask for a refund of student union membership fees or seek help from the Anti-Foundation or media exposure.

According to the website of Taiwanese University Union, all kinds of activities inside and outside the school are funded by Student Union fees, school subsidies and self-financing of the student union, with 10% of them coming from student union fees. The Student Charter stipulates that the student union membership fee is NT$150.

Tu Junqings remarks about his involvement in Hong Kong at the opening ceremony aroused discontent on the island. According to Taiwans TVBS News Network, people interviewed said, Children should not participate in politics, they should read well first. Some netizens criticized that Tu Junqings speech had nothing to do with the opening ceremony. Forcing all students to accept your point of view is the way of education in Taiwan University? Some people criticize Tu and other professional students for seizing political power. When students help the Green Party waving flags and shouting, stirring up trouble, they can enter the Democratic Progressive Party as cadres as early as possible after graduation. In the next few years, they can slowly mix into the government to earn high salaries in Higher Vocational colleges. Basically, they are speculators who only want to take a helicopter to go to higher positions.

In fact, it is not only Taiwanese parents who have a clear understanding of the Hong Kong mob. According to Hong Kongs Sing Tao Daily, a number of Hong Kong independence leaders have left Hong Kong, and the number of applicants for Malaysias long-term residence plan has soared, raising suspicions among Malaysian media about the flight of illegal elements from Hong Kong. In response, the Ma government said at the end of August that people from Hong Kong, China, are welcome to apply for permanent residence, but will investigate the applicants background. If there is evidence that the applicant participated in the anti-revision demonstration, his residence application will not be approved.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675