Operas rich tricks! Big V teaches virtual currency investment in person? Its money.

 Operas rich tricks! Big V teaches virtual currency investment in person? Its money.

Since the Bitcoin boom in June this year, a series of chain reactions have also emerged: capital, hot money surge, the long silent currency circle has become very lively...

The new leek should germinate again.

Following this, a series of shanzhai coin coin institutions were foolish, taking advantage of the rise of Bitcoin, launched a new harvest offensive. During this period, Bitcoin was like a roller coaster ride. Riots and upheavals also converged some of the counterfeit money issuers. However, there are still readers who want to understand the notes, claiming that no matter the market of Bitcoin goes up or down, smart money issuers can always find ways to find selling points to fool new leeks into the market, especially when some digital currencies fall sharply.

After all, there are lessons from the past, many speculators have a long memory, so what other smart tricks do these counterfeit money institutions have? What other wonderful tricks can you use? What can these institutions think of to invite you into the urn when Bitcoin and other coins plummet?

Friends pull into the investment group, in which masters are training

They are buying short through a futures-likebull deal, what kind of investment training course they have conducted, and issuing new counterfeit coins in the course of the course. Readers have revealed that behind these courses there is even a vicious pig tray.

According to another reader, this new coin-issuing model hides an amazing fraud, and the speculators who enter the market may eventually encounter empty money robbery.

I usually have some interest in financial management, whether it is stocks, futures or virtual currency.

Reader Ah Ren knows something about digital money. A month ago, he was pulled into a virtual money investment dry goods group by an old colleague (there are more than a dozen groups, he entered Group 7). Because of his experience of investing in stocks, he did not have much disgust with it.

Initially, there were only about 60 people in the group, and the interaction within the group was general. As the group grew more and more, many people began to throw in some dry goods related to investment.

As the price of Bitcoin fell by a cliff at the end of August, some masters believe that Bitcoin and other mainstream virtual currencies will continue to fall in the future. However, the other two masters disagree.

Every day, Ah Ren sees three masters arguing with each other in the group. His supporters are also arguing and tearing with each other in the group, full of strong gunpowder flavor. In the spirit of learning, he does not resent the quarrel within the group, but hopes to learn the knowledge of virtual money investment from the master debate.

In the process of Master and group quarrel, some group Friends silently withdrew from the group, but Ah Ren did not care, Its normal that the group is in a mess all day, not the investment enthusiasts can not generally see such a quarrel.

At this time, Jianquns assistant began to mediate disputes within the group, hoping that the master would seek common ground while reserving differences, and continue to provide valuable virtual money investment information for the group. Aides also said that in order to enable more investment enthusiasts to learn more investment knowledge and dry goods, a competition called Big V Show will be held.

Competition is to let different views of themaster, lead different fans, a virtual currency investment competition, short Bitcoinmaster, the majority of fans. Ah Ren said that the rules of the competition are very simple. Every master collects 100 fans for technical PK. The winning team can divide up all the profits. The group management even provides the miner as the prize of the competition.

How does this virtual coin investment dry goods sharing learning group relate to coins?

Big V Competition, Fake PK Real Circle Money

The so-called hegemony contest and PK play is a real investment in real guns and bullets.

Ah Ren recalled that everything in the group became very official when the masters with different views agreed to participate in the hegemony contest. Masters exclusive introduction page, the registration form for PK fans, and the so-called Big V Show publicity H5 appeared.

What makes him feel strange is that the Master actually feels that the game of investing in mainstream virtual currency is not exciting enough. They all propose to short or long through leverage. Although the standard of PK is still the rise and fall of the mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Wright coin and ETF, group assistants recommend a platform application that can leverage investment and trade.

Moreover, the group has set the entry threshold for the fans participating in PK, so they must have certain investment ability before they can participate. Ah Ren told you to understand notes. The platform recommended by group assistants is called Bang, which has its own virtual currency, the unit is U (temporarily called U coin).

This is an investment platform called coin-issuing and leveraged contract trading. As long as the group members who sign up for the competition buy 70,000 U on the platform, they can be leveraged five or even ten times to participate in the masters related investment. Ah Ren said that one yuan is equal to 7U.

At that time, many groups of friends began to try to register the platform. Some people bought a small amount of U coins and decided to try the bull knife. Over the next few days, a number of friends said they could raise the offer, and the U coin used for investment rose slightly (including 1% of the U coin sent at the time of purchase).

When the confidence of friends who dont know the truth increased, the price of Bitcoin fell, and people were shocked. But a master has sunned his empty list on the platform, showing that he has earned millions of yuan. Suddenly, some of the group members increased their confidence. They said they would sign up to participate in the so-called hegemony contest and follow the master to learn to short.

Ah Ren said that if the platform is founded by these masters and assistants, then the background shows how much U is recharged and how many thousands of deliveries are won, in fact, it can be adjusted, just to change the data.

At this point, he began to understand why some of his friends chose to withdraw when they first joined the group. It should be to understand the similar master dry goods sharing group, hidden is the coin, fraud of the cat fatigue, I think if the money to buy U coins met the expectations of themasters, these people will probably run away directly.

So, will investors really believe this seemingly flawed coin-issuing method?

Yes, one of my friends was that he didnt listen to any advice at first. Ah Ren spread his hand.

Once greedy words come to mind, its better to believe them or not.

When Qunli Push Masters Competition was held, the man told Ah Ren that he had recharged 5000 yuan on that investment platform and bought some U coins.

I feel that there are real friends in the group to recharge, and I guess they did mention it.

Later, my friends and I all felt that this should be a pig killing dish, investment will be a big risk, and they left the group directly. However, many friends like Ah Ren, who tried to invest 5,000 yuan, were captured by the 1% recharge reward and the daily profit screenshots.

Ah Ren has repeatedly advised that friend to withdraw the recharged money as soon as possible. But the friend insisted on keeping watching, saying that he would use 1% bait to reverse the dividend of the counterfeit money institution.

Fortunately, a few days ago, the friend finally began to worry that after repeated attempts and complaints, he finally raised 4,000 yuan. As for the U coin left in it, it should be surplus value. That friend told Ah Ren that there are still a large number of friends in the investment learning group at present, and many people should still be waiting for the realization of the dream of profit and reward.

This is the same as gambling, a little bit of money at the beginning of the drift, the result of the bet is bigger and bigger, always want to stop the big, and eventually be thoroughly set by the institutions. Ah Ren analysis, in the past this kind of killing pig dish tricks mostly used for gambling, stock speculation and other investment fraud, did not expect that even the shanzhai coin began to use this way to circle the money of new leek.

Whether these institutions claim that investments are based on mainstream digital currencies or that short-selling can also make money, there is an old saying that pie will not fall from the sky.

The so-called senior institutions, masters and masters of the currency circle have been carefully calculated and laid out to use the greed of investors to induce them to invest step by step. If the average user thinks that he can make a sum of money before the cheater stops and runs, that is fantastic. Any seemingly cost-effective reward is essentially the bait of the organization. Whether Xin Tao or Lao Tao, the reason why they can still step into the same river twice is only greed.

Source: Titanium Media Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368