Trumps secret cant be hidden? Deutsche Bank holds Trumps family tax returns.

 Trumps secret cant be hidden? Deutsche Bank holds Trumps family tax returns.

Reported that in the past 20 years, Deutsche Bank is the only mainstream financial institution willing to do business with Trump. Over the years, the bank has collected a lot of personal and corporate information about him.

Two congressional committees have summoned Deutsche Bank to provide a large number of Trump-related records, including all tax returns since 2010. Investigators hope that these materials will reveal not only the presidents financial situation, but also any links with foreign governments, and whether he or his company is involved in any illegal activities, such as money laundering for foreigners.

In 2014, Deutsche Bank agreed to provide Trump Group with a loan of up to $170 million for the internal renovation of Trump International Hotel.

After two House committees issued subpoenas against the bank, Trump filed a lawsuit to prevent the bank from responding. The case is pending before the Federal Court of Appeal.

On August 27, Deutsche Bank confirmed in a document submitted to the court that it had at least some of the tax returns required by the Congressional Committee. The document does not reveal who Deutsche Bank owns the tax returns or what years they are, but both current and former bank officials told the New York Times that Deutsche Bank has had the first pages of Trumps tax returns for many years.

Reported that although Deutsche Bank has been lending Trump since 1998, the most detailed information will cover the period since 2011, when the companys private banking sector established relations with the future president and his family.

The report also said that for a president who basically hides his business from the public, the combination of these materials will provide the most complete financial position of Trump to date.

Reported that Trump broke decades of precedent, refused to publish his federal tax declaration, more than three years, Democrats and journalists have been trying to get his tax declaration.

The report also pointed out that the summary pages of these declarations alone could not explain Trumps source of income or his business partners. On the other hand, the summary of tax returns is likely to indicate whether Trump has paid any taxes in recent years.

But tax documents and other financial materials owned by the bank are likely to fill some of the gaps in the true size of Trumps wealth.

In addition, the materials required by congressional committees, including any due diligence conducted by banks before agreeing to lend him money, may contain new information about Trump, where his company and his family are and with whom they make money. (Compiler/Lu Di)