Twelve years later, two 71-year-old boys are still shaming for Chinese basketball.

 Twelve years later, two 71-year-old boys are still shaming for Chinese basketball.

The next four years, we are facing the embarrassment of not being able to participate in the Olympic Games. The players who grew up in the Changsha Asian Championships will soon waste their golden period. In the next four years, the League of Arab States has already retired. Who can carry the banner of Chinese basketball and who can guarantee that we can break through in the next World Cup? At the World Youth Championship in July this year, our U19 won the worst record in the penultimate history, which echoes the worst World Cup record of the adult national team and is worrying.

This may be a sense of loss for at least eight years, including players, including the industry as a whole.

In addition to anxiety, we also need to pay tribute to the lonely heroes of this era.

This night, in order to defend this prosperous age, the two men chose to shoulder the responsibility. Yi Jianlian, an official 32-year-old mans basketball team, fought in the Hulk club, appearing in the game for 25 minutes like absolute possession, with 27 points and 7 rebounds in 14 shots and 10 rebounds in 5 battlefields, averaging 17.8 points and 8 rebounds, to defend the bottom line of the teams fast collapse.

Yao Ming, 39, chairman of the Basketball Association, chose to take responsibility for the whole Chinese basketball game on a humiliating night. Me! Yao Ming, whose eyes are red, still echoes repeatedly in response to the phrase I am responsible.

The story of Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian is like yesterday 12 years ago. In 2007, the Bucks Derby. At that time, Yi Jianlian was in high spirits. He was preparing to play a big part in the NBA in the rookie season. Yao Ming, who had been practicing for five years, was the main rocket player. At that time, the Chinese Derby, we shouted loudly, love basketball, the most proud day of the nation.

The following year, the golden generation of the 08 mens basketball team entered the stage of history, challenged the team of dreams, almost defeated Spain, quasi-destroyed Germany, and reached the top eight.

Twelve years later, Yi Jianlian was still standing in the last class of Chinese basketball. Yao Ming deliberately walked forward from the bench and clapped his hands with his old teammates. After the game, he said, An old soldier like him should not let him stay on the court for the last few seconds, but should let him walk silently to the bench.

Looking at the five World Cups, Yi Jianlian, 31, is the oldest player in the Chinese mens basketball team, but he is still the pin of the battle. Looking at the performance of the League in the last 10 years of the World Series, it is clear at a glance:

In the 2012 Olympic Games, average 14.8 points and 10.2 rebounds per game

2016 Olympic Games, averaging 20.4 points and 6.6 rebounds

Lets talk about Yao Mings role. After retirement in 2011, he can stay away from basketball and enjoy his life after retirement. But in 2017, his choice is to sell the Shanghai team, take on the Chinese basketball booth, and strive to implement the road of reform.

In the first two years of the three-year reform period, we were delighted to see the dividends brought about by the reform. At the beginning of the Red and Blue National Team, we witnessed the growth of young players such as Abu Du Salamu, Zhao Rui, Wu Qian and Hu Jinqiu. On this point, we saw Yao Mings forward-looking. At the 2018 Asian Games, we won four basketball gold medals. Yao Ming enjoyed a lot of cheers in Asia.

Losing is the original sin from heaven to hell. Naturally, Yao Ming has to take a big responsibility for the defeat of the World Cup. But we must not forget his efforts this year. In order to increase team cohesion, he set up a solemn team entry ceremony for players. In order to improve the quality of playerswarm-up games, he ran to the NBA to build a bridge for Chinese mens basketball team. He participated in the NBA Summer League with an independent team; he became a flying man in the air during the warm-up game and ran around the world; during the World Cup, he trained and competed constantly, and even at the last difficult moment, sat on the bench to teach young players experience.

Looking back, should young players reflect on this? Under such advantageous conditions, is it possible to concentrate and work hard? Should we accept more criticism before we have absolute strength? And the next time they lose, there is no need for the media and players to use the cost of growth as an excuse.

After tonight, Allianz is likely to say goodbye to the national team, and the golden generation of 08 players will then say goodbye to the historical arena. Who will sustain our future remains a question. Yao Ming has experienced pains in the reform period, and the resistance he faces is certainly stronger than before. Whether he can continue to advance really needs our support.

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