33-year-old blind man: Holding two apartments in hand, why should I tell girls that there is no house?

 33-year-old blind man: Holding two apartments in hand, why should I tell girls that there is no house?

Recently, Ming Yiyue read two letters from male readers with the same theme. They both had blind dates and almost the same experience made them choose almost the same way to deal with it. Mr. Lu of Qingdao said, Countless blind dates, girls will ask the same question. Do you have a room? What a headache! In his letter, Mr. Chen of Sichuan said, The girl who hates to ask about the house and car at the first sight. Although I have two apartments in my hand, I will tell the introducer not to tell the truth. As long as the girl who matches me asks about the house, I will tell her that there is no house.

Chen, a 33-year-old from Sichuan Province, has no family at this age. He is much more anxious to come to his parents. In fact, Mr. Chens family is in good condition. He has two apartments. One is bought by his parents in earlier years, the other is made by himself, and there is also a hot pot shop under his name. Such conditions are supposed to be good, but his successive failed matchmaking experiences have made him gradually frustrated with love.

The first date was five years ago, because the introducer was a friend of a friend, both sides were not familiar with each other, so when they met, they agreed to you two ask yourself if you have any questions. They originally fell in love with the girl who was dating for the first time, but they just sat down and asked him directly, Do you have a house? Is there a mortgage? Mr. Chen would not have bought his own house, living in the house his parents bought, somehow he said, I... I havent bought a house yet... Then something surprising happened to him. The blind date girl didnt even drink some good coffee, so she took her bag and left.

After the failure of the first blind date, the blow to Mr. Chen can be imagined, that is, at that moment, he made up his mind that we must find a girl who is not so material!

The second date was at the beginning of the year, and the situation remained.

The third blind date took place in July. The girl did not ask directly about the house. Mr. Chen was also delighted.

At that moment, Mr. Chen finally realized that the matter of the house could not be avoided if he wanted to escape, and the question of whether there was a house or not could never be avoided when facing a blind date.

So, on the fourth blind date, Mr. Chen took the initiative to confess to his girl friend that I dont have a house. He thought, As long as the other party doesnt say anything or behave in a less material way, he would immediately tell the other party that I actually have two sets. However, this time the reality hit him in the face, and the girl turned her face directly. The introducer didnt say that. Do you have a house? It turned out to be deceiving! He shook his hand and left without mercy, leaving Mr. Chen sitting in his place with an awkward face.

Mr. Chen said, Whether its two or more sets, Ill say that I dont have a house for blind dates in the future. If I want to find an immaterial girl, Ill find one! I just dont know if there are any immaterial girls in the world?

Holding two apartments, but not telling the girls the truth, I do not know whether it is Mr. Chens sadness, or the sadness of reality? Should dating girls ask about the house at first sight? Which is right or wrong? Know what is right or wrong.