Broker, partner and boyfriend? Zheng Shuangs love is controversial again: Who are we when we are together?

 Broker, partner and boyfriend? Zheng Shuangs love is controversial again: Who are we when we are together?

At 12 noon last Thursday,

The second season of DaughtersLove went online, and all four of the guests in this season were popular artists.

But the most noteworthy is Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng, the couple.

Since the announcement of Zheng Shuangs love with Zhang Heng in August 2018, it has been controversial. Zhang Heng has even been nicknamed soft rice man by netizens.

As everyone knows,

As her broker, boyfriend and company partner, can Zhang Heng get along well with each other, and can Shuang Dad accept her daughters boyfriend?


I can have a clear conscience myself - Zhang Heng

A controversial couple, who is both a lover and a working partner, needs to find their own way of getting along.

Its not easy not only to make yourself better, but also to keep pace with two people.

Zhang Heng once said,

Girlfriend is a popular female artist, so audiences will be demanding of her other half.

Their love has been questioned from the very beginning.

The reality show was recorded.

It is the first time that both sides have joined hands in front of the screen.

From the performance of the first issue, we can see that both sides take their feelings seriously, and have the same laughter and worry as the little couples in love.

Although Zheng Shuang often has a little girls caution.

But from many details and attitude, it can be seen that she grew up 10 years after her debut.

Zheng Shuang has matured a lot in the past two years, of which Zhang Heng has contributed a lot.

We often say,

The state of a woman has a lot to do with her partner.

Zheng Shuangs two-year status,

Obviously more cheerful and relaxed than ever, she is still the witty and lovely Zheng Shuang, but also a more confident and happy Zheng Shuang.

Do not experience the running-in of entrepreneurship, do not experience the experience of multiple relationships.

Zheng Shuang would not have such a profound feeling.

In the pilot film of the program, Shuang Dad once said:

I feel that my daughter has changed a lot in the past two years. She is more open and enthusiastic about life. And most importantly, she has learned to express her feelings. She can take the initiative to hold her fathers hand when she meets him, which is rarely the case before. Shuang Dad sincerely said: This is the happiness that love brings to her. I want to thank Zhang Heng.


Talk about why we should be on the show together.

Zheng Shuangxiao said:


She also wants to jump to another level and see clearly what she and her partner need.

In love, its normal to divide and merge! u2014u2014 Zheng Shuang

Zheng Shuanghe and Zhang Heng,

In addition to the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, the relationship between stars and brokers is also the relationship between entrepreneurship partners.

Faced with such a complex relationship,

Even the host shakes his head with Papi sauce:

I am determined not to work with my husband and give no advice to each other.

However, Papi sauce can be done, does not mean that all girls can do it.

Besides, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng have already started, and they need to go on.

How to face such a complex triple relationship?

Because she is not sure about the brand effect, worried that in case the effect is not good, people will think that Zheng Shuang does not do good things, incidentally also said that this is Zheng Shuangs bad.

This is an easy lose-lose business, Zheng Shuangs worries are quite reasonable.

Zhang Heng also has some opinions.

Thats it.

As a partner,

Zheng Shuanghe and Zhang Hengs discussion on brand development just broke up.

As couples, the atmosphere between them has become somewhat stiff.

How did this happen?

The guest just said shallowly that Zhang Heng was a little screwed up, but he didnt make it very clear.


The biggest problem with partnership is ambiguous identity and unclear boundaries.

For Zhang Heng,

He confused Zheng Shuangs three identities. Is she an artist? Partner? Or a girlfriend?


They are talking about business and belong to two camps:

Zheng Shuang maintains his image.

Zhang Heng maintains his brand.

Its clear that they are looking for a win-win point for cooperation.

No matter what kind of identity they face each other, they will be very strange, not pure, always feel mixed in with something else:

Business is not like a businessman; love is not like a good lover.

Dont worry about headaches.


The existence of any relationship model has its rationality and contradiction.

If these contradictions are handled properly, the relationship will grow and the people in the relationship will be comfortable.

In order to fulfill Zheng Shuangs wish to set up a clothing company, he needs to push all this forward.

A controversial couple, who is both a lover and a working partner, will never find the right way to get along.

Zheng Shuang tried on the clothes made by the two companies. Zheng Shuang put forward many opinions and insisted on it.

At the same time, for Zhang Hengs suggestions on collocation, Zheng Shuang felt that too old-fashioned, black mirror does not look good.

After being repeatedly denied, Zhang Heng gradually smelled uncomfortable and said, Buy yourself later, I will never buy clothes again.

It also shows that two people have different aesthetic views.

The two men broke up in disagreement, which also caused the dissatisfaction of Shuang Dad.

Thus it can be seen,

To get along with a lover, we should not only understand the truth, but also find the right way to get along.

It seems that there is still a big gap between the two people that needs to be bridged.