Getting busy is a good cure for all confusion.

 Getting busy is a good cure for all confusion.

Some time ago, one of my assistants was disappointed in love. When she talked about this relationship, she felt a lot of unwillingness.

Since her boyfriend started his business, she has been around to encourage him and take care of him, thinking that when his career improves, they will get married.

Who knows later, the boyfriends career began to go on track, but waited for the omnipotent reason of our personality is not suitable to break up, no matter how humble the assistant cried and the posture retained, his predecessor remained indifferent.

At that time, the assistant cried and could not speak, but she still persisted in promising me that she would be refreshed if she took a few days off.

Later, when we met customers in different cities, she began to force herself to become more active. She got up a lot earlier than I did every day. She went to the hotel gym to exercise alone, saw clients after work, read books once in the hotel, and reported to class to improve her photography skills.

She kept piling up the things she wanted to learn but couldnt muster up the courage to do in her life. From the beginning, she just wanted to think about that person for no more free time. Later, she gradually made these routines a habit.

In just two months, her performance has not only doubled, but also learned good photography and design skills.

She said that she was tired to sleep in bed every day for seconds, and had not cried for her predecessor for a long time, and had been accustomed to a persons life.

Originally, in those most difficult moments, endure to come.

Knowing that there is a very heart-provoking question, answer the main question: What is the fastest way to abolish a person? The following complimentary reply is: Let him be idle! Indeed, whether it is lovelorn or life, the harder it is, the less idle it is. Roman Roland also said, The heaviest burden in life is not work, but boredom. When people are idle, they are easily occupied by trivial emotions. When they encounter some unsatisfactory things and setbacks, or even when they see their peers start to open up the gap with themselves, their anxiety, confusion and negative emotions are doubled, and moaning about spring, autumn and disease-free becomes a reality. Normal, into a cycle of self-doubt. In fact, this confusion and anxiety appear sometimes to remind us that you have too much trouble because you are too busy. I read a question on the Internet and said well, Why do we have to work? Someone replies, Because work brings more possibilities to life. Work enables you to contact people you dont normally meet. It enables you to learn ways to solve problems, to satisfy your sense of accomplishment, to meet like-minded peers in your life, and most importantly, to be bored. Getting busy is the cure for all confusion. When you no longer have time to think too much, worry too much and indulge in sadness, life will slowly go up the hill. Do you remember Luo Zijun in My First Half Life? When she was a full-time wife with leisure and money, she was either gossiping every day or fantasizing about her husbands every move. Many people thought she was very affectionate. But until after the divorce, Luo Zijun, who had no financial ability and had to pay rent, had to force herself to start from scratch in the workplace. She was tired enough to work every day. With her busy life and the company of friends, she not only walked out of her lovelorn relationship, but also had a career of her own. This is in response to Raymond Lane Carver said: I still believe in the value of work, the harder the better, people who do not work have too much time to indulge themselves and their own troubles.

I have to admit that life is often not as difficult as we imagine. When you really get busy and work hard in the direction you want, everything will heal.

After all, every day for a variety of things busy, which have the mind to worry about it?

So when we are lost in love, when we feel confused about life, we busy ourselves together, devote ourselves to work, try all kinds of interests that make us happy, and constantly study and grow up.

At this time, you will find that there are many interesting things in life, and its really not worth wasting time on affectation.

Hope you have something to do and someone to love for the rest of your life, OK?