Cai Kangyongs words provoke crying Shuqi: The person who loves you most never says I love you easily.

 Cai Kangyongs words provoke crying Shuqi: The person who loves you most never says I love you easily.

Shu Qi got out of control and began to cry at the recording site.

In this entertainment circle where nobody asks me how warm my porridge is and nobody stands at dusk with me, many people are concerned about her gossip and her past history, but nobody ever cares about how hard her journey is.

Because of that experience, after waiting for her boyfriend for seven years, she was abandoned by her father as dirty, and her seven-year love was declared over, waiting for news of her marriage.

Later, with Zhang Zhens ambiguity, bystanders can feel deep love from Shu Qis eyes, but still wait for the news of each others marriage.

It seems that in love, Shu Qi has always been in a humble role, constantly giving, but failed to exchange for a righteous girlfriend identity.

Until she took the film, she swore, I must wear the clothes I took off, one by one.

Yishu once said a sentence: The person I admire most is myself. Only I can help myself through mountains and mountains and overcome sorrow again and again.

Maybe thats the way life is. You never know when it will collapse and who will collapse. But now when you look back at that experience, you find that there are many difficulties, often only you can overcome them.

When we really pay attention to ourselves, we find that it is rare to be treated gently, but self-love is the norm.

Wilde said, To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Because we understand that everything can not go against our heart, we can recognize the fact that the other party does not love us when suffering from emotional torture and pain, and no longer choose to grievance ourselves in order to please others.

Yesterday Dachun sent me a TED video with the theme: The best married person is actually you.

Tracy, an emotional expert in the video, grew up in a terrible native family. Her father was a prisoner and her mother was a sex worker. So she was extremely insecure and mistakenly believed that marriage could alleviate her anxiety.

Who knows that after three marriages ended in divorce, Tracy realized that all these years he had married for marriage, but forgot that only he could give himself a real sense of security.

So what women need to think about most after they get married is not whether you love each other enough, but whether you love yourself enough?

What does that mean? It means you have a relationship with yourself.

Until you realize that you are complete at this moment, you dont need other men, work or environment to make you more complete, because you know that you are complete enough, and this concept will change your life.

Later, when she entered the marriage again, she found herself much calmer than before. She did not need to depend on or please anyone, nor did she suffer from gains and losses because of fantasy.

Its about being honest with yourself and finding out that someone really loves you the most.

This is also in response to Papi sauce has mentioned the order of important relationships in life, first of all, themselves, partners, children and parents.

In particular, I agree with Zhang Xiaoxians saying: Only when you recognize that everything in the world is impermanent, can you understand that security can never be sought out, nor is it outside the world, it is the peace of your inner world.

A man who is loyal to himself will not waver in the face of changes in his life and temptations from the outside world.

Because they have a light in their heart, only to see the way they want to go, without asking about the West and east, from end to end.

As Chaplin once wrote, When I begin to love myself, I will no longer sacrifice my free time and paint a grand tomorrow. Today I will only do something interesting and happy, something I love and enjoy, in my way, to my melody.

Although many people in life suddenly say goodbye, spilled milk, expired bread, lost wallet, lost lover.

But all we can do is to stride through these difficulties and place our hopes on ourselves so that we can really shake hands with the setbacks and attacks of life.

When you learn to care about your feelings and not be subjected to any relationship, you will find that life is wonderful and endless. It should not be wasted on unworthy people and things.

After all, the so-called best time is to live the life you want in your own way, right?