Flying Eagle Calls Wolf, Royal Beast Combination Tang Dynasty Tour Without Hands, Lingyun Village New Occupation to Detonate Battle Fire

 Flying Eagle Calls Wolf, Royal Beast Combination Tang Dynasty Tour Without Hands, Lingyun Village New Occupation to Detonate Battle Fire

The bow in the palm, the eagle in the hand calls the wolf. Lingyun Village has amazing tactical strength: bending bow and arrows, cold flashes into the soul, and the summoned flying eagle, Snow Wolf battle pet can not only cause considerable harm to the opponent, but also as dancers set off the Lingyun Village SOLO micro-manipulation magic skills; if encounter a large number of opponents surrounded by the crowd, Ling Yunzhai Yunzhais Royal Beast Complex has transformed itself into a wolf form, and bloodthirsty claws and fangs will perfect the role of a lamb shivering in the face of hungry wolves.

Both long-range attack and close-range combat are Lingyun Village of the strong. They have quite good performances in battle, especially the ability of combining imperial animals, which effectively compensates for the disadvantage that traditional bowmen are easy to stick close to each other and fall into danger. For the newcomers, Lingyun Village is easy to get started, while for the old drivers in the sandy field, the fighting skills of bow, animal control and integration are all in one. They also have a deep playing style, which makes people happy.

In the Arrowing Lingyun new documentary, the more vigorous and fierce 70VS70 frontier new play method, Lingyun Village has become another trump card in the team commanders hands with its multi-faceted role strength of input, output, retreat, treatment, explosion and continuity. The long-range attack with no empty arrows is a mobile firepower output turret. The new battle mode cooperating with the favorite cooperation of the master is enough to throw heavy weight on the triumphant heavenly cockpit.

Old driver of 666 Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Racing takes you skiing activities most exciting

In hot summer, submission under air-conditioning is not the end of warmongers. Skiing from Tour Without Hands in Tang Dynasty will open the speed and passion of cool drag racing for players at the end of midsummer.

This is a full-service skiing competition in the whole region: a small skateboard is under foot, and the wind is like electricity flying over the winding track. The rush of passion whistling down, the icy wind passing by my ears, and the undulating posture of body-building... Im the king of the world, and Im fascinated by the rapidity of pleasure.

How can we rush with or without brains? Skiing activities have more props and special effects to boost the fun, such as the helium gas plate of acceleration artifacts commonly used in drag racing, the banana peel of sliding people to treasure, the cuttlefish and cloud and mist of blocking the eyes of opponents, and the tornado and thunder and lightning of all kinds of strange props and special skills to attack and defend natural disasters but man-made disasters. In the bustle, the speed of racing is twice as exciting and refreshing as the speed of racing. And the ultimate top 100 ranking of the glory and generous rewards and benefits is the highest reward for the old motorcycle drivers.

The so-called no fight, no deal. The players who know each other in the battle in the sand field and in the competitive battle, and who share the same interests in the tempering of sword and fire, can go to Jieyitang Hall to complete the task of ending justice through the new Jieyi system appearing in Tour Without Hands in the Tang Dynasty, and determine the order of the appellations of ending justice and Jiejinlan. Achievement of a thousand years of good stories.

New profession, changeable play. Reinforcing the output of firepower and guarding the rescue field of teammates, Lingyun Village, a combination of imperial animals, will bring more and more amazing and brilliant battles to Tang Dynasty Tour Without Hands. Immediately login to the game, bow bow, flying eagle, wolf call, lets fight together happily!

On the Tour Without Hands in the Tang Dynasty

Netease New National Style Warrior Tour Tang Dynasty Tour without Hands, the 2nd Anniversary version officially launched, the heart of the direction, reckless! Cure teenagers, come to the battle, new roles of male flowers; 2nd Anniversary celebrations, heavy start, limited mounts, out-of-print fashion, mass welfare on the line is to receive! Royal City Competition S1 has now been launched, and all the heroes are in the name of war, to strive for the peak of glory! Datang Tour Without Hands is the latest battle MMO masterpiece of Neteases Datang Dual Brand. In the game, a gorgeous and beautiful martial arts world has been built. Players will be the protagonists with high face value and join hands in running through the countrys winds and rivers. Hundreds of exciting battlefields will erupt at any time; passionate command, real people will be on the same screen, without Carton. Quick fighting; Nine gate factions complement each other, each with its own characteristics, to form its own battle circle!

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