Nineteen months after the cessation of deployment, the US ships carried new missiles into the Chinese backyard

 Nineteen months after the cessation of deployment, the US ships carried new missiles into the Chinese backyard

The US Navy dispatched a cutting-edge coastal warship to Chinas backyard to carry out its mission. Its new weapon, the Navy Attack Missile (NSM), can pose a real threat to the Chinese navy, according to the US Defense News on July 7. However, Russias newspaper said on the 8th that Chinas systematic deployment of a large number of missiles is enough to curb U.S. attempts.

Defense News said that the US Navys Gabriel Gifford coastal combat ship left its California base for the Indian Ocean-Pacific War Zone on the 3rd. The small stealth vessel, which was originally intended to operate in the offshore waters of its rivals, was temporarily suspended for 19 months due to design and faults. Now the U.S. Navy has finally resumed its deployment after adjusting its shipborne weapons and personnel training.

The most special feature of Gabriel Gifford is the addition of the newly developed NSM missile and the unmanned helicopter of the Fire Scout. Reported that the former can fly more than 100 nautical miles, using image matching technology to accurately hit specific parts of enemy ships, while the latter has beyond visual range reconnaissance capabilities. Their combination has made the coastal warships from the concept warships with insufficient firepower to warships that pose a real threat to Chinese warships at long distances.

Reported that the more powerful coastal warships into the Chinese warships often haunt the place, is crucial to the U. S. Navy - the U. S. Navy is trying to maintain a continued presence in the South China Sea. However, it is a waste of these high-end combat capabilities that only destroyers and cruisers stationed in Japan can carry out such tasks. With powerful coastal warships, these destroyers and cruisers are free to perform more complex tasks.

According to Russian newspaper, the latest developments of coastal warships indicate that the US Navy is strengthening its military strength in the Pacific region to contain China. Konstantin Machiyenko, deputy director of Russias Center for Strategic and Technical Analysis, said that the thousands of conventional ballistic and cruise missiles that China has vigorously developed can prevent possible U.S. military incursions. Over the past 15 years, the Chinese army has systematically modernized and upgraded its missiles and missile launchers, which can attack the entire first chain of islands and targets outside the region. In addition, China is likely to surpass the United States and its allies in the field of hypersonic missiles in the future, which will greatly enhance Chinas deterrence against the United States. (Wu Yan)

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026