As soon as the Space Command was established, the United States kept on practicing space warfare.

 As soon as the Space Command was established, the United States kept on practicing space warfare.

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The Star-Spangled Banner of the United States disclosed on the 7th that the United States Space Command had just been established, and immediately organized a large-scale chess game to rehearse the war pattern that may erupt in space in the future.

Reported that the Schriff-2019 held at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama on the 4th is the first computer simulation exercise of space warfare organized by the United States Space Command since its establishment. The purpose of this space warfare game is to simulate key space operations, involving a number of institutions related to space systems and services. Nearly 350 people from 27 U.S. military units participated in the Shriver game. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom also participated.

This game combines several major US military commands, US and allied intelligence agencies, focusing on the multi-domain warfare launched by a hypothetical enemy country in 2029. This is a new concept of combat, which integrates traditional operations in many fields, such as land, sea, air and space warfare, network attack and so on. Although the U.S. military has not confirmed that the hypothetical enemy is China or Russia, the U.S. Space Command has publicly stressed that a hypothetical enemy country is using multi-domain operations to achieve its strategic objectives.

Unlike conventional military exercises, which mobilize a large number of equipment and personnel, Schriffs chess deduction has fewer troops, but it predicts the scenarios of future large-scale wars. In the scenario of the exercises, the operational environment in different fields is threatened, which poses a comprehensive challenge to the capabilities of the commanders and staff of the U.S. Army, the heads of intelligence departments and the operators of space systems. In addition, the Shriver push has also been used to study the needs of the United States when facing the threat of space warfare, such as helping the U.S. military demonstrate the new equipment requirements of space warfare for outer space and ground. (Xing Yanhe)

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