Li Nan will refuse to score herself after the competition: no sense is not objective enough

 Li Nan will refuse to score herself after the competition: no sense is not objective enough

Iran, which has a competitive relationship with China, defeated the Philippines 95-75 in the last round of Group N. In the case that both sides are second in the group, Iran overwhelms China by virtue of its net victory and becomes the best Asian team in this tournament, thus gaining the through ticket to the Tokyo Olympic Games next year. If China wants to enter the Olympic Games, it must compete for the last four places with the strong teams in Europe and America.

Yi Jianlian scored 27 points

Li Nan, the head coach of the Chinese team, discharged a completely different starting line-up from the previous one. The inside line Double Towers consisted of Wang Zhelin and Zhou Qi. Fang Shuo and Sun Minghui served as Double Guards. The only unchanged one was Zhai Xiaochuan, the forward. The opening rear was full of firepower, hitting three three-pointers and one two-point in six minutes, scoring 12 points, helping the team to achieve a 17-10 lead. At the end of the first quarter, China led 21-19.

In the next quarter, Nigeria kept pinching the Chinese teams inside-line players, forcing Yi Jianlian and Wang Zhelin to make successive mistakes, and the overall shooting rate of the Chinese team declined. At the end of the first half, China was 31-35 behind. In the third quarter, the defensive quality of the Chinese team was not as good as that of the first half. Nigeria took the opportunity to open the gap, leading by 8 points at most. Fortunately, Yi Jianlian stepped forward at the critical moment and led the team to bite the score all the way. At the end of the third quarter, China was 51 to 60 behind.

At the end of the season, the Chinese team never gave up the effort of scoring. Facing the opponents whose physical condition is obviously better than that of the others, the Chinese team played the most tenacious part of the competition under the leadership of Yi Jianlian. Players continue their suspense of victory and defeat with repeated basketball attacks, rebounds and three-point long shots. Unfortunately, their condition came out too late, and eventually the Chinese team lost the game.

Li Nan refused to score for herself after the race

Yi Jianlian did his best in this game, and when the team was in scoring shortage in the third and fourth quarters, he stood up several times to cut down the key points. The only star player left in the Chinese mens basketball team was in a heavy mood after the match. He said: This game means a lot to us. The whole team wanted to win the game and tried their best, but they still failed. Its really hard to accept this result, but to face the reality, we all know that the game has different meanings for the whole Chinese mens basketball team. We shouldnt give up the future because we lost tonight. We should continue to move forward and face the future competition and training with confidence.

Some reporters asked Li Nan to score himself and the teams performance. Li Nan answered: The teams spiritual outlook is worthy of affirmation, playing at home like this, the state of ups and downs, but overall very good. Now its meaningless to score because its not objective enough. As for his own performance, Li Nan chose to avoid it and left the conference without answering the question.

Source: Beijing Daily Author: Wang Yang, Editor in Charge: Wang Hongyu_NB12517