Cant escape class? Soxhlet is in a dilemma: 0 wins away from home after turning around! The worst start in 27 years

 Cant escape class? Soxhlet is in a dilemma: 0 wins away from home after turning around! The worst start in 27 years

A series of bad data is revealing Solskjaers true level of coaching. In the first four rounds of the Premier League, Manchester United won only one victory and made the worst start in 27 years. The Norwegian always said that he was the best manager for Manchester Uniteds long-term plans, but the continuing weakness of Manchester United has raised doubts.

1. It was a shameful start.

In the first round of the league, Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-0 at home, and Red Devils fans were mad with excitement, thinking that Manchester Uniteds spring was coming. But they were quickly brought back to reality, and after beating Chelsea, Manchester United won the next three league matches. In the first four rounds of the league, they only scored five points in total. In fact, if Chelsea werent so unlucky when they visited Old Trafford, it would be hard to say whether Manchester United would win that game.

The last time Manchester United had a worse start in the League was in the 1992-92 season, 27 years ago, when Fergusons team scored only four points in the first four rounds.

2. The sick cat on the road

In the fourth round of the Premier League, Manchester United were equalised 1-1 away from Southampton by 10 men. Daniel Jamess goal helped Manchester United take the lead early, the third personal goal the Welsh youngster has scored in the past four games. However, Westers goal in the second half left Manchester United disappointed.

Solskjaers team seems to be unable to play away from home. According to statistics, it is embarrassing to capitalize on Manchester Uniteds 0-win away game since Soxhlets turn to the right side on March 28 this year. In last seasons Champions League 1/8 final, Manchester United overturned powerful Paris away from home, but that became Manchester Uniteds last glory away from home. After that, Solskjaers aura disappeared. In the past 10 away games, Manchester United have lost all their goals. When was the last time they didnt concede on the road? Manchester United beat Chelsea 2-0 away on February 19.

3. The problem of defence remains

Although Manchester United swept Chelsea 4-0 in the first round of the league, they never tasted the taste of zero seats afterwards. Manchester United introduced Marquelle, the most valuable defender in football history, this summer. The arrival of Marquelle did improve the defence of Manchester United, but it was not enough to make the defence of Manchester United refresh immediately. Marquelles partner Lindlov is good at possessing the ball, but his ability to grab points is very ordinary. This season, he has lost two key headers, leading to Uniteds subsequent loss.

Apart from Maguire and Lindlov, Uniteds third choice in central defence is unknown young player Axel Tuenzebe. Obviously, Manchester United also need to bring in excellent centre-backs. In the past 19 games, Manchester United have only scored one clean sheet. Without a solution to the defence problem, Manchester United will not want to achieve anything in Europe.

4. Getting ahead but not scoring

When Ferguson coaches Manchester United, he often wins games in which the situation is passive. Did you play badly? Never mind, Ferguson has the ability to pull United back. In the post-Ferguson era, Manchester United gradually lost that temperament. Now, Manchester United cant win not only passive games, but also active games.

In Manchester Uniteds 1-1 draw with Wolves, 1-2 defeat to Crystal Palace and 1-1 draw with Southampton this season, the Red Devils are the dominant side on the scene, with both possession and shooting times ahead of the opponents, but Solskjaer is unable to convert the advantage of the scene into victory, they are always equalized or killed by the opponents.

5. Who scored the goal?

United have scored more than one goal in only three of their last 16 games. On the front, Manchester United lacked creative and olfactory strikers. Solskjaer was one of the greatest strikers in the history of the Premier League, but now he has to worry about the teams goals. Lukakus departure aggravated the weakness of Uniteds front line. When some United fans applauded Lukakus transfer, they seemed to forget that the Belgian could bring 15-20 goals to Manchester United every season.

Rushford and Marshall need to take on more responsibilities, but the former is always a waste of opportunities, the latter is often injured, but the helpless commander-in-chief can only boldly start 17-year-old Greenwood.

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