Ma Ying-jeous batch of Cai authorities has made Taiwans people intolerable

 Ma Ying-jeous batch of Cai authorities has made Taiwans people intolerable

Ma Ying-jeou (right) attended the Korea Yo (middle) momentum building conference. (Photo Source: Taiwan Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper)

According to Taiwans Zhongshi E-Newspaper on September 8, Ma Ying-jeou cited many data at the momentum-building conference, saying that Taiwans competitiveness had fallen since the DPP took office. Although Cai Ying-wen had the best economy in the past 20 years, many old stores had closed down, the DPP had been in power for more than three years, and there were more suffering people. Cai Ying-wen did not accept the 1992 Consensus. Mutual trust in peaceful development on the shore has disappeared. Not only will the number of mainland tourists be reduced by 1 million from more than 4 million, but it is also possible to reduce by another 800,000. Whether it is transportation, tourism, catering, department stores or residential accommodation, it has been severely hit.

Reported that Ma Ying-jeou more criticized, because no overseas tourists, will need island tourism subsidies, now Cai authorities to develop new south, but caused more social problems. Ma Ying-jeou questioned: Is it acceptable?

According to Taiwanese media, Chen Mingwen, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator, lost three million yuan on the high-speed railway (NT$, the same below), and Solomon Islands was rumored to break off diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which became the focus of public opinion in the island. Ma Ying-jeou soured the DPP on the 7th.

Taiwans Lianhe Daily reported on the 7th that KMT legislator Ke Zhien set up his campaign headquarters in Banqiao District of Xinbei City on the 7th. Ma Ying-jeou praised Ke Zhiens professionalism and creativity when he was on the platform of Ke, and satirized Cai authorities, saying that five diplomatic countries had been lost in three years and that there is still a brewing.

Ma Ying-jeou was also sour. Lin Guochun, a member of Xinbei Municipal Councilor, found that 1.8 million people lost a senior DPP officials family before he reported it. Recently, another 3 million people lost on the high-speed railway did not report it. Why do they have so much money to lose? None of us?

Source: WWW Author: Yin Yanhui Responsible Editor: Wang Ning_NB12468