The controversy over the withdrawal of Guanghan from the city and the establishment of districts in Sichuan Province has received a new official response in the past year.

 The controversy over the withdrawal of Guanghan from the city and the establishment of districts in Sichuan Province has received a new official response in the past year.

Recently, a netizen inquired through the mailbox of the mayor of Deyang City in Sichuan Province that in the first half of this year, the gap between Deyangs GDP and Yibin, the fourth, was only 2 billion yuan, while the gap between Deyang and Mianyang, the second, was growing. As the bridgehead of Chengdes assimilation, Guanghan, as soon as possible, would gradually tilt towards Guanghan and attract investment. Face will have greater advantages, so that the development of Guanghan will enter a new stage. I do not know where Guanghan has been withdrawn from the city to set up districts, when can we change districts?

Guanghan Municipal Government Office responded that the process of withdrawing the city and setting up districts can be divided into four stages: demonstration and evaluation (soliciting opinions), mobilization and publicity, research and reporting (Deyang Municipal Government, provincial government, State Council), approval and implementation. At present, Guanghan is in the stage of soliciting opinions, fully listening to the opinions of the general public, and will seriously investigate, study and scientifically prove the opinions of the collected citizens. At the same time, I hope that the general public can express their opinions rationally, really put forward valuable insights and make joint efforts for the development of Guanghan. The time of reply is August 2019.

Guanghan is located in the core area of the hinterland of Tianfu Country. Qin is Longxian County. Guanghan County is located in the West Han Dynasty. It belongs to Mianyang District in 1950, Wenjiang District in 1953, Chengdu City in March 1983, Deyang City in August of the same year. In 1988, Guanghan County was withdrawn to build a city with an area of 538 square kilometers. It covers 18 townships and towns with a total population of 604,000.

Pengmei News reported earlier that around September 2018, Deyang took charge of Guanghan, a county-level city, and its plan to withdraw from the city and set up districts met with ongoing controversy. At that time, the Guanghan Municipal Government also opened a column on the home page of the municipal government website, expecting to solve doubts and explain doubts. Peng Mei News re-queried on September 8 this year and found that the column has stopped updating for nearly a year.

In recent responses, the Guanghan Municipal Government Office continued to discuss several implications of the withdrawal of the city and the establishment of districts:

One is to solve the problem of Guanghans development space. According to the response, after many years of urban construction, the average scale of the remaining construction land in the central city area will reach the next 12 years (2019-2030), less than 1 square kilometer per year, while the construction land scale of 14 townships has basically reached the upper limit, which will seriously restrict the development speed of urban economic construction in our city, and the whole Guanghan urban area will be in the future. It will reach the planning limit in about 3-5 years.

Secondly, from the perspective of development prospects. According to the existing population size, urban general regulations and land use planning conditions, it is not only very difficult to improve the level of urbanization, but also facing the dilemma that industrial projects and infrastructure projects can not be landed. Some of the investment projects have to give up painfully because they do not meet the planning conditions. After the withdrawal of Guanghan from the city and the establishment of districts, the urban planning area and construction land indicators can be adjusted by Deyang as a whole to meet the development needs of Guanghan. From the point of view of resource elements, Guanghan can maintain a strong momentum of development.

Third, from the perspective of peoples livelihood security. After the withdrawal of the city and the establishment of districts, Guanghan will be transformed from a county-level city into an important functional area of a prefecture-level city. The level of city scale, urban functions and public infrastructure will be upgraded in accordance with the standards of prefecture-level cities, directly improving the human settlements environment, and the overall level of urbanization will also bring more jobs and bring in more high-quality talents. With more industrial projects, the quality of life of the people will be significantly improved.

Guanghan Municipal Government Office said that in short, in order to achieve the development of Chengdu-Germany integration, Guanghan should take the lead in integrating into Chengdu economic circle, and withdrawing the city and setting up districts is the correct choice Guanghan must make in the process of historical development.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284