President of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences: Demonstrating that Britain originated in Hunan has become a joke

 President of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences: Demonstrating that Britain originated in Hunan has become a joke

According to the official Wechat News of the Research and Recruitment Office of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, on September 6, at the opening ceremony of the Grade 2019 freshmen of the Graduate School of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, the president of the Academy of Social Sciences addressed the researcher Baoyun, expressing the hope that the students would vigorously promote the spirit of seeking truth and rigorous scholarship, rather than speculation and craftsmanship, and sensationalism. Favourite, like some experts who argue that the British and English originated in Hunan has become a joke; vigorously promote the dedication of indifference to fame and fortune and devotion to research, rather than being an exquisite egoist.

Xiang Baoyun also hopes that students will have noble purport, pious attitude and pure passion. He hopes that students will be simple, shy and affectionate.

According to media reports, on March 20, 2019, Professor Du Gangjian, former dean of Hunan University Law School, announced his research results at a conference in Beijing: Not only English comes from ancient Chinese, but also English comes from western Hunan. This achievement has aroused controversy among the public.

The following is the original speech to Baoyun:


Dear students:

Two months ago, here, we sent away the masters degree of 2019; today, here, we welcome the new students of 2019. Welcome to the Academy of Social Sciences of Sichuan Province. Congratulations on your becoming a masters graduate student, entering a new stage of learning and opening a new course of life.

Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, founded in 1958, has gone through 60 years of storms. Now it has developed into a relatively complete discipline system, a more reasonable talent echelon, a more prominent think tank construction, a more distinctive teaching characteristics, more fruitful scientific research results of local academic institutions. Whether in the great practice of socialist construction, reform and opening-up, and managing Shu and Xingchuan, or in the active exploration of discipline construction, cultural development and personnel training, our institute has made fruitful achievements, made due contributions, formed excellent traditions and exerted extensive influence.

As a think tank and think tank, our institute aims to build a first-class social research institute and create a new type of think tank with first-class characteristics. The arrival of students has added fresh blood and vitality to our team. To aspire to learn is your duty and your important responsibility in the next three years. Learning can not be done, learning to adults, learning to grow up, learning to grow up, the road is long and obstructive. Here, I have three words to share with my classmates.

One is noble purport. Thoreau said, To be able to read is to read valuable books in good faith. Its a noble pastime. Goethe said, To read a good book is to talk to many noble people. Recently, the Central Committee issued Opinions on Further Promoting the Spirit of Scientists and Strengthening the Construction of Style of Work and Style of Study. As scholar-seekers and scholar-managers, students should also vigorously carry forward the patriotic spirit of serving the motherland and the people, uphold the concept of learning for the people, and vigorously promote the pursuit of truth and rigorous academic pursuit. Spirit, rather than speculation and improvisation, like some experts who argue that English and English originated in Hunan has become a joke; they vigorously promote the dedication of indifference to fame and wealth and devotion to research, rather than being an exquisite egoist.

Second, a pious attitude. Max Weber said that academy is a crazy gamble, and dedication is essential to the pursuit of academy. Only by piety, faith and diligence can we gain something in the academic palace and reach a far-reaching and lofty academic realm. Zhu Xi said, What do you honor? Not negligent, not indulgent so-called. It is not easy to reach the realm of belief. Drucker, the father of modern management, said, Only through despair, through suffering, through pain and endless training, can we reach belief. No matter what their future career is, students should concentrate on their studies at present.

Third, pure passion. Henry Auguste Rowland is a famous American physicist and the first president of the American Physical Society. His speech Call for Pure Science delivered at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) on August 15, 1883 is known as the Declaration of Independence of American Science, which shows its far-reaching influence.

First of all, I didnt think and was surprised that Henry Auguste Rowlands speech, as a physicist, was so passionate and brilliant. His emotional and affectionate words are so infectious that we can feel the humanistic feelings of a scientist, which is the source of his caring spirit and an important guarantee for his research to avoid going into the rush for quick success and instant benefit.

The Call for Pure Science has been translated into Defense for Pure Science, which is profound in thought, profound in theory and full of idealistic passion. Hundreds of years have passed, and it still has strong symptoms for todays scientific research ecology, which has enlightening significance for us to study and study. At present, there is more instrumentalism, less pure passion, more interest-driven and less value pursuit in academic circles.

At the same time, in the secular world, schools are not pure land, students also need to understand the world and the hearts of the people, hope that students secular and not vulgar, with a heavy body, for spiritual flight. Efforts should be made to preserve the true nature of human nature and return to the common sense of the world. This requires us to have a firm, a firm, a persistent, a strong.

Maslow said that if you want to be not disappointed in human nature, you should not have illusions about human nature. This is somewhat sad. Nevertheless, I would like to offer my classmates some hope which may be out of date and broad-minded:

I want you to be simple. A little boy has a pile of beautiful stones and a little girl has a pile of delicious candies. They agreed that the stone should be exchanged for candy. The little girl gave all the candy to the little boy, who hid the two biggest and most beautiful stones. The little girl got the stone she wanted, and she was happy and slept soundly and sweetly at night. But the little boy tossed and turned all night, and he was tormented repeatedly by a huge question: Did the little girl leave the best and biggest candies like herself? Who gets more and who gets less, boys and girls? Who is smarter and who is more foolish? Who is more open, who is more serene? Who is happier and who is happier? This is an absolutely simple question, but it reflects the complex content of human nature. From it, we can not only feel the value of honesty, the dignity of contract, but also the weakness of human nature and the darkness of human heart. Honesty will be simple, simple will be pure, pure will be happy, I hope you are happy.

Simple people are those who are willing to make foolish efforts. They do the same thing in learning. They do not take shortcuts, steal tricks, speculate and skillful. They are down-to-earth, firm-minded and consistent. Only in the end can they be worn by water and stone.

I hope you are shy. On New Years Day 1997, China Central Television broadcasted a large-scale documentary film Deng Xiaoping. Deng Xiaoping on the hospital bed could not see who was in the TV. When he learned that the man in the film was himself, the old mans face showed a shy smile. As the chief designer of Chinas reform and opening up, he said he was the son of the Chinese people and always maintained the humble and simple nature of a peasants children. Some even think that shyness is Xiaopings last farewell to the world. Just now, when the moderator introduced Tan Ji and his teachers, Mr. Cha Youliangs great academic achievements and noble academic reputation, I saw their shy expressions, appreciated their modest and simple character, and appreciated their modest and modest mind.

Modern society has popularized a large number of skills, rules and means for us, making us more and more mature, deep, sophisticated, and no longer have anxiety and shyness, simplicity and innocence. And shyness is the most tender presentation of good human nature, shyness let us have a sense of propriety, know shame and stop, uphold integrity and observe festivity, stretch. Shyness makes us revere, revere nature, revere the rules of law, integrate knowledge with practice, and be modest and courteous.

I hope you are affectionate. Zhang Dai, a writer in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, said in his Dream of Taoan: Man has no addiction, cant make friends with others, because he has no affection; Man has no defects, cant make friends with others, because he has no true spirit. This is very reasonable, because when people are faced with true love, they do not hide it, they are non-utilitarian and true temperament. Everything in the world has love, mountains and rivers, flowers and birds, plants and plants. When you love someone, something, something or a subject, please stick to your choice, care for your love and devote your affection. Only affection can last forever. Nobel Prize winner Zhu Diwen said that life is too short, you have to pour your affection into something, and he just poured all his affection into physics, and finally won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Finally, I would like to share my encouragement with you in the following paragraph.

Qing Qingziyi, my heart is long; numerous students, Nianzi. Huanhuaxi, Baihuatan, Du Fu and Ba Jin, poetry and conscience, to the sages and sages, looking up to the mountains. Think tank, think tank, I think so I am, I write my heart, theoretical position, academic palace.

Tian Xingjian, emperor self-improvement, knowledge to use, virtue to far, learn to adults, learn to grow. Living tirelessly, acting loyally, shouldering moral principles with iron shoulders, writing articles with great sincerity, not fulfilling ones time, not fulfilling ones ambition. Qing Qingziyi, my heart is long; numerous students, Nianzi.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675