Eighteen-year-olds learn technology by themselves and steal hundreds of millions of personal information from citizens in a frenzy

 Eighteen-year-olds learn technology by themselves and steal hundreds of millions of personal information from citizens in a frenzy

Self-taught software programming technology, research and development of hacker software, the use of site registration loopholes to steal hundreds of millions of personal information of citizens crazily, sold publicly on domestic and foreign networks, high school students just over 18 years old have conceived an illegal data empire dream. Recently, the procuratorate of Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, prosecuted Liu Mou on suspicion of infringing on citizenspersonal information according to law.

Hackers are reported, leading to major cases of infringement of citizenspersonal information

In September 2018, the police in Huishan District of Wuxi City received a report from netizens that some people sold personal information of citizens and hacker software used for stealing information on forums, posters and other platforms. The police first filed a case for investigation, and soon arrested 26-year-old Jiangxi criminal suspect Fu Mou across provinces.

In January this year, the case was transferred to Huishan District Procuratorate for review and prosecution. Fu explained that his net name was Qingfeng, and he was interested in software programming and hacker technology. In early 2018, he consulted a netizen on the way to obtain personal information from others in a network exchange forum, and bought a hacker software from the other side to obtain personal information of citizens.

From May to August, 2018, Fu Mou used the purchased hacker software to attack the vulnerabilities of various websites and illegally acquire personal information of citizens. After upgrading the hacker software, he sold it at a monthly price of 500 yuan through network forums and other channels, aggregating more than 2 million infringements on personal information of citizens and making thousands of yuan illegally. On April 3, this year, after a prosecution was filed by the procuratorial organ, the court sentenced a citizen to three years and six monthsimprisonment and a fine of 3,000 yuan for infringing upon his personal information.

In the course of interrogation, Fu gave the name of iChunqiu to the netizens who sold him hacker software. The Procuratorate of Huishan District and the police dug up a bigger case of network infringement on citizenspersonal information.

Self-study network technology only because of interest in stealing citizen information

Through the technical investigation of the iChunqiu network name, the police locked the IP address of the network name, and determined that the user of the iChunqiu network name is Liu Mou, which is located in Xinyi, Guangdong Province. At the same time, the police found that Liu was suspected of stealing personal information of citizens and selling it publicly on domestic and foreign networks, and then filed a case.

In April this year, the police went to Guangdong to investigate, unexpectedly, Liu was a senior high school student in Xinyi, just over 18 years old. After Liu Mou was taken away by the police, the teachers and classmates of the school could not believe that such an ordinary senior high school student who is going to the college entrance examination would be a hacker who is proficient in network technology and steals personal information of citizens.

After investigation, Liu Mou is a science student with excellent family conditions. He has been very interested in computers since childhood. He often uses holidays to operate computers, teaches himself computer technology, and browses overseas websites through wall-turning software to learn classics. Because his parents are busy, they think Liu Mou is only playing with computers, so they are laissez-faire. By the high school stage, Liu has mastered the ability to write software programs independently.

According to Liu Mou, since the second half of 2017, he has seen the method of inquiring personal information of network users in various forums and posters, and he is interested in it. He wants to get personal information of others through the technology he learns, and unconsciously embarks on the road of no return.

Within a month, Liu compiled a software, through the built-in interface, after connecting it to various websites, you can easily get the user account and the corresponding mobile phone number of the website, and then sell the program to someone else. But soon Liu found that the software was cumbersome and could not get information in batches. In July 2018, Liu found a solution in the online forum and began to plan to build his own information database.

Feedback vulnerabilities to websites actively to prevent peers from discovering

Inspired by this, Liu has also written a software that can get information in batches. After docking the software interface with a website, he can easily get the user account and corresponding mobile phone number of the website. In order to establish his own data empire, Liu rented network data to store information, and rented more than 10 servers to support operations abroad.

In one month, Liu illegally obtained about 100 million personal information of citizens, all stored in his own database. In order not to let other peers find loopholes, Liu feedback to his website that stole personal information in August 2018, blocking the loopholes in the website. Since then, Liu has set up Weixin and QQ groups in the domestic network, used telegram and other chat tools overseas, self-compiled information query robot, and sold the database to others through Weixin and QQ group chat in the form of monthly query, and sold the database in the form of Bitcoin trading currency overseas for two months. The total profit was nearly 20,000 yuan. Concerned that the public security organs found that Liu will no longer sell the database sealed.

According to Lius assumption, he will collate hundreds of millions of personal information in the database, and then obtain the real names and family addresses of the citizens corresponding to user names and mobile phone numbers. He will use technical means to achieve real-time longitude and latitude positioning, thus establishing a strong data empire. However, the emergence of the police will shatter Lius dream, Liu will also pay for his illegal activities.

The procurator pointed out that the total amount of data in this case is large, the illegal acquisition of personal information of citizens is accurate, endangering the personal information security of citizens and even the national data information security, and the criminal suspect Liu Mou should be authorized to arrest. However, Liu Mous case happened just after the college entrance examination. In the investigation stage, the public security organs took guaranteed measures and allowed him to take part in the college entrance examination, but Liu Mou failed.

In August this year, the Huishan District Procuratorate approved Lius arrest according to law. In handling the case, the procurator found that Liu Mou had been immersed in the virtual world of the network for a long time, and his values and mental health were affected. He was hiring a professional psychological consultant to guide Liu Mou to the right path and face his future life positively.

Xiao Songxu Jingchao

Source: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541, responsible editor of the Procuratorial Daily