Yi Jianlian: Lucky for Mens Basketball Team and Sad for Mens Basketball Team

 Yi Jianlian: Lucky for Mens Basketball Team and Sad for Mens Basketball Team

Who doesnt know the name of A Lian? Who doesnt? Although it has passed, it can carry the tripod. In the last battle, Allianz went seven in and seven out, killing in darkness, three points like rain, laying up like flowers, a dose of battle axe splitting, staring at Okoji, Allianz said: You and other children, only know Yao Ming but do not know me?

Nevertheless, the Nepalese nation is in great power. After several rounds of fighting, the League of Arab States has tried its best to beat the ground to vent its grief. He shouted his name to Xie A Lian.

A couplet is not easy, many ups and downs in life, young and brilliant, twelve years old, eight feet tall, like a horse, body if Red Bull, transfiguration, under the basket king. Chinese people are amazed. Its easy to praise the nickname Space. Yao Mings brother Buddha sighed, If this brother is not a yellow-skinned black man?

A Lians personality is calm and introverted. His eldest brother Yao Ming often talks with him. Yao Ming is eloquent and speaks three hundred words boldly. A Lian actually returns with three sentences.

He entered Harristent in 17th year and fought in Athens, which was the best in the world. In the next year, the League of Arab States will dominate the basketball arena as soon as it has just grown up and be crowned the best title.

At that time, Allianz and Yao Ming and Dazhi groups Moving Great Wall dominated Asia and were on equal footing with Zhu Qiang. Beijing Olympic Games, carrying the American giant half-court. When Germany was destroyed, Allianz threw in the fight and destroyed German chariots under the Emperors capital.

Since landing in the United States, Allianz has made a lot of jokes. Towel water bottle, a lot of angry smash, Yidi muttered, smiled.

In the Asian arena, Persia rose to the top. In the first battle, Admiral Hadadi insulted him with gestures, and eventually the mens basketball team lost. However, the nightmare did not wake up. A few years later, the League and the mens basketball team were defeated by Taipei and defeated Manila.

Darkness is endless, bitter sea is endless, it is not easy to stay abroad, sad.

Suddenly, there was a thunderbolt between heaven and earth. In the year of 2015, the king returned, reversed Korea, revived with blood, and the League of Arab States and the mens basketball team fought again against Persia.

To detain violently, to roar, to detain violently, to roar.

The fury of Allianz made Persia quiet and confused. Haddadi, the arrogant general in the past, was at a loss. No, its not time! The moment of revenge lies here!

Basketball is updated, Yao Ming is replaced, with League of Arab States as the core, Li Nan as the handsome, sword finger World Cup. The League of Arab States, in its old age and with a hundred enemies, fought bravely to kill the enemy. Bai and Han were attached to it, and Wei and Huo died again.

People say: A League, the bottom line of mens basketball, the bottom line of China.

But as soon as they succeed, they will wither away.

At the end of the whistle, there is no skill in returning to the sky, sighing at the unfair fate and feeling bad luck. Only Allianz was as calm as yesterday.

Asked if it was the last battle, Allianz shook his head.

This is the luck of the mens basketball team, but also the sorrow of the mens basketball team.