Who dares to marry a little unlike a woman?

 Who dares to marry a little unlike a woman?

After three sweeps by Zhang Weili, Andrade began to attack. Fists were entangled densely, and Zhang Weili cut her elbow and hit her opponent in the chin.

The jaw is like a human bodys switch. Its hit like turning off the light. Its suddenly dark in front of your eyes. Andrads body began to shake.

Zhang Weili kept elbowing, knee-topping and fist chasing behind. The opponent fell in the corner of the octagonal cage, and cheers rang out of the cage.

TKO world champion Andrad became the first Asian to win the UFC gold belt. Zhang Weili spent 42 seconds.

Comprehensive combat, including boxing, Brazilian jiujitsu, Thai boxing, Sanda and other techniques, from the moment of birth, it is considered as male carnival, conquest, control; strength, speed; muscle, fist, it seems that women have nothing to do.

At this moment, Zhang Weili stood in the octagonal cage, declaring that this is no longer a stage dominated by men alone, Girls can do well, or even better.

42 seconds

On the evening of August 31, UFC was held at Shenzhen Universiade Stadium. Before going on stage, Zhang Weili was always a melon eater.

Her tactical coach, Cai Xuejun, looked at the other contestants, some walking around, some sitting in chairs, rubbing their hands in the middle of their knees, and others staring at a corner, stunned and motionless.

Looking back at her own girl, who is going to fight against the champion, she is happily watching other peoples competitions. Every now and then she says, Oh, how can we play like that? Until her onstage music sounded, she stood in an octagonal cage, grinned and greeted her friends.

Cai Xuejun stood outside the cage and couldnt help telling him, She (rival Andrade) stares at you, you have to stare back.

Four eyes are opposite, which makes the competition tense.

Later, Zhang Weili recalled that the state of relaxation depended on a good mentality and a solid enough preparation for war.

One day in June, Zhang Weili heard a knock at 4 a.m. and opened the door in a daze. Cai Xuejun outside looked excited. Do you know who you are fighting with? Several successive guesses were rejected, and it turned out that the opponent was Andrade, who got the gold belt a month ago.

The first reaction was disbelief, the second reaction was opportunity, and the third reaction was crying.

Over the next two months, Zhang Weili devoted herself to preparing for the match. There is no difference between training and the past. Every morning, six kilometers of running around, three hours of boxing in the morning, and in the afternoon, JIUJITSU or wrestling. In the evening, it is an hour or two of physical training. Day in and day out.

Cai Xuejun remembers that when training entered the bottleneck period, the queen of the former competition field would cry like a child because she was hurt, tired or unable to reach.

He got acquainted with Zhang Weili in 2012, seven years together, let him know her habits and mind like the palm of his hand. Cai Xuejun stretched out two fingers and moved them in front of his eyes. Looking at her eyes, you can know when she is tired and when she wants to be lazy. His criticism is often one of the reasons why Zhang Weili cried.

Behind Zhang Weili is a team of more than ten people. In addition to Cai Xuejun, a military instructor, there are also Jiujiu coaches, Thai boxing coaches, martial arts coaches, physical fitness coaches and rehabilitation coaches. During Zhang Weilis preparation time, the team members looked over and over at the video of the opponents previous matches. Whats the technology, whats the advantage, whats the weakness, and how to deal with it. Even the status of social platforms should not be neglected. We should always pay attention to what the other party is doing and how their mental state is.

Finally, the team customized five solutions. According to the coaches, Andrade comes from Brazil, one of the strongest countries in comprehensive combat. She is famous for her strength, strength, endurance and style. She is also known as the pile driver. On the other hand, she is also a bumblebee player. If you poke the honeycomb, she will surely hum and attack.

On the court, Zhang Weili attracted Andrade with three low sweeps. Then three of the five schemes were intercepted and the competition was completed in 42 seconds.

After TKOs opponent, Zhang Weili waved her right fist and called out the voice of the channeling monkey. Cant help flipping in the middle of the octagonal cage, and then jumping to the fence, raise your arms.

Why does a girl wave her fist?

Late on September 2, Zhang Weili returned to Beijing from Shenzhen. The coach handed two big bouquets of flowers to Zhang Weili. The girl chewed the peach in her mouth and joked, The feeling of peacock opening the screen. Then he turned to shake hands with the dog at home. Life is back on track.

Life didnt get back on track immediately. Over the next few days, Zhang Weilis time was fully scheduled. Media interviews take place one after another, with time to participate in business endorsements and other events, large and small. Three days later, on September 5th, she flew to Dubai to be a guest at a fighting event.

At the event, Zhang Weili wore a black T-shirt and camouflage shorts. She is over 1.6 meters tall, with thin lips and high eyebrows. She walks with big steps and flings her arms. She can see the outline of her muscles.

In interviews with the media, a question is often asked, Why does a girl wave her fist?

Answers often start at an early age.

In 1990, Zhang Weili was born in Handan, Hebei Province. Since childhood, I like to watch martial arts movies on TV. At that time, most girls in the class were not bullied, often chivalrous and ran to fight with boys.

This small northern town is the birthplace of Yangs Taijiquan and has a strong atmosphere of practicing martial arts. Less than 8 years old, Zhang Weili quarreled with her parents to send herself to martial arts school. The parents worried that she was too young to take care of herself, but could not meet the request, and finally promised to wait until she was 12 years old.

A few years later, Zhang Weili entered the sports school as she wished.

When other little girls play with dolls and go home, she plays with marbles, mud and wrestling cards; when other little girls learn painting, dancing or playing the piano, she goes to martial arts school and learns sanda.

When she had short hair and was running around, some people said, like a boy, which sounded like criticism; when she entered the martial arts school, her fists and feet became stronger and stronger, and she won the championship of Sanda in Hebei Province. Some people said, like a boy, which sounded like praise. Zhang Weilis personality is so grim that she doesnt put it in her heart. However, girls could have been great. Why should they be like boys?

After several years of martial arts school life, Zhang Weili went to Nanjing Sports Institute to continue her martial arts practice. Later in the day, the question of why a girl should wave her fist was always thrown to her by different people on different occasions. She told different people about the fun of the sport in different ways: brains, minds, judgments, physical fitness, speed, strength... Its the sport of the strong, and I enjoy being in control.

Another side of real life

After lunch on September 5, Zhang Weili returned to the club. Young man Wang Shaoxing was lying on the mat to rest and waiting for afternoon training. He is a comprehensive fighter, coaching in another boxing hall on weekdays, and recently went to Zhang Weilis club for Vocational training.

Seeing Zhang Weili enter the door, Wang Shaoxing jumped up from the mat and said, Congratulations, Sister Li. Last time he came to the club, Zhang Weili was still doing her final special training for the competition; this time, she saw her winning photos hanging all over the wall.

In the octagonal cage, Zhang Weili took the gold belt in 42 seconds and the flag hung over her body. Wang Shaoxing shouted at the end of the screen.

Like Zhang Weili, Wang Shaoxing became fascinated with fighting in his childhood. When his parents disagreed, he paid close attention to it secretly and went to Beijing to watch Kunlun Judgment. He was tricked back by his parents and stole it the next year.

After dropping out of school, Wang Shaoxing planned to earn his own tuition for boxing training. He worked as a factory worker, a waiter, a front desk salesman, and finally gradually saved enough capital to become a professional athlete. He has seen Zhang Weilis experience on the Internet, and knows that she also has the heartache of drifting north and has done various kinds of work. Now she stands on the UFC field, Wang Shaoxing feels hopeful.

After Zhang Weili won the championship, more and more people know that the comprehensive fighting, a relatively small movement in China, has been spread around the social network for 42 seconds. Many outsiders begin to know and sigh: This girl is too strong.

In a few days, Zhang Weilis microblog fans rose from more than 30,000 to nearly 110,000. Flowers set up a table. From time to time, gifts and sports equipment were sent to her. The mobile phone was full of unread news. She needed to reply between interviews.

Among the many congratulations and compliments, there are also strange voices. Some people commented that its not like a woman at all, others said, Who dares to marry such a woman, will be domestic violence.

In less than a month, Zhang Weilis 29th birthday, fighting is listed at the top of the list of life, love has not yet time and energy to consider.

Girls shouldnt be defined by gender. Who says that girls must be weak, like husband and son, not strong and brave? Girls shouldnt be defined by profession either. Who says that fighting girls are violent and violent? Zhang Weili repeated, Girls can have many aspects. Girls shouldnt be defined.

As a result, people began to wonder that the girl who waved her fist, bled, and looked fierce in the octagonal cage had broken the stereotype on the other side of real life, and the contrast was surprising enough. She likes delicious food, loves to watch Disney animation, keeps a Teddy named Little Seven and a Ghanali named Feiduo, takes care of the newly born kitten, adopts more than ten stray dogs and finds them good families. In her spare time, she goes shopping with friends, selfies herself, and compares the competition with the coach to ask for an ice cream.

Previously, Zhang Weili had short hair and had a windy walk. She was often regarded as a man. When she went to the bathroom, she even met a man who followed her into the womens toilet. When she was 22 years old, she grew long hair, braided it behind her head during the competition, and liked it very much.

Not long ago, she tried to buy herself some skirts, long skirts, short skirts, jeans skirts, all in one. She chose a dark blue long skirt to wear on her body. My God, its too bad. Zhang Weili straightened her back and shrugged her shoulders to imitate the way she was at that time. Its too hard to walk with a pinch. After that, the skirts were thrown into the wardrobe, and the hanging tags were not removed.

Its cool for girls to fight.

Over a long period of time, comprehensive combat was regarded as a mans game, and words such as conquest and blood were mostly insulated from women.

Zhang Weili said that at the martial arts school, there were only twenty or thirty girls on the campus of six or seven hundred people. What is the sex ratio in the professional fighting circle today? She tilted her head for a moment and thought, One hundred to a few.

In 1993, the first UFC competition, octagonal cage came out. But for the next 20 years, all the competitors were men. Until 2013, Lunda Rossi became the first female player in UFC history. The gender barrier was pushed aside, and then women appeared in the fight.

That year, 25-year-old Lunda got the golden belt and stood in an octagonal cage waving his arms and shouted, Now I am the champion, the champion does not know you, you have to come to find the champion, we start to solve it.

That year, 23-year-old Zhang Weili worked as a salesman in a boxing hall. Previously, she retired because of injury, and then drifted north. She worked as a kindergarten sports teacher and front desk. She earned about 1,500 yuan a month from 9 to 5, but she always felt that she was not the life she wanted. Eventually, she stayed to work because she saw the beautiful platform in that boxing hall, and practiced in her spare time while going to work. Combat. At that time, Zhang Weili got up at six oclock every day, took the subway to train, and began to work at one or two oclock in the afternoon. She worked until ten oclock in the evening and began to work again and again. At that time, I didnt feel tired, so I was very happy to learn a new technology. As long as I trained, I felt that I had never been wasted. Every day I felt that I could not stop working hard.

Lundas game encouraged me in particular. Many years later, Zhang Weili recalled, Girls can also do very well or even better in this kind of mans competition, and have been recognized by everyone. I think its a very cool thing.

One year after Londa got the gold belt, Zhang Weili resigned and became a professional combatant. In the eyes of the coach, she is smart, savvy, and able to endure hardships, whether strength or speed, ground or standing, there is no short board.

At that time, it coincided with the rapid development of comprehensive combat in China, and the number of events held each year increased from dozens of blowout events to hundreds. Zhang Weilis competition peak followed, and she won 11 games in 2017 alone.

Over the years, Zhang Weilis training intensity has increased. Sometimes, after a days training, I get tired and I cant pull out my eyes in one place.

Diet is strictly controlled, puffed food and carbonated drinks are taboo, and food before the competition should not be salted. The hardest part is losing weight and water on the eve of the competition, training as usual, sweating as usual, but can only drink a small mouthful of water to moisten the voice, thirsty to see the river want to jump down. Zhang Weili once mentioned in an interview with the media that she once saw an old man crouching on the side of the road eating cold skin, and suddenly felt envious, If you want to eat cold skin, you can eat cold skin, too happy.

In May 2018, Zhang Weili formally signed UFC. More than a year later, she stood in an octagonal cage against champion Andrade.

Before the competition, Lunda Rossi, who once looked up like a god, tweeted: Women from all walks of life and from all over the world bravely meet the challenges and show the charm of women to the world. Zhang Weili is a strong woman who has the courage to overcome adversity. Her every battle is not only for rank, but also for voice to the world.

After 42 seconds, she received Lundas congratulations.

As for the significance of this golden belt, Zhang Weili hopes that it will be a beginning rather than the first man in Asia that people attach great importance to. Just like Lunda encouraged me, if I could also encourage the girls behind me to try to fulfill their dreams, I think it would be a very good thing.

New Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing Intern Deng Pengzhuo

Source: Zhao Ruiqi_NB12596, responsible editor of Beijing Newspaper