Another key member of the Cabinet has gone to the British media: insisting on leaving Europe, Johnson or imprisonment

 Another key member of the Cabinet has gone to the British media: insisting on leaving Europe, Johnson or imprisonment

When the Global Times was abandoned by his brother Joe Johnson, another key figure in British Prime Minister Boris Johnsons cabinet left. On the evening of the 7th local time, Amber Rudd, the Conservative MP, Minister of Employment and Pension, resigned as a cabinet minister and Tory whip in anger at Johnsons exclusion of dissent on the issue of European separation. Reuters commented on the 8th that Rudds resignation brought the turbulent week of the Johnson administration to a climax. The Johnson administration is disintegrating, Stammel, spokesman for Britains Labour Partys de-European affairs, tweeted on Tuesday.

In an interview published in the Sunday Times on the 8th, Rudd said there were two reasons for her resignation: one was Johnsons persecution of Party members, and the other was that there was no evidence that Johnson was seeking an agreement to leave Europe, although he claimed it was his first priority. According to Rudd, Johnsons dismissal of 21 Conservative MPs on March 3 was an insult to etiquette and democracy and a political undermining. When the good and loyal members of the Conservative Party were expelled, I could no longer stand idly by. She said that Johnson only focused on one issue, namely no agreement to leave Europe, My mother told me not to listen to a person, but to watch his actions, so I am afraid that Johnson has not done enough to fulfill his commitments.

Rudd submitted her resignation letter to Johnson on the 7th. She said without hesitation that she was confident when she decided to join the cabinet. She once regarded Johnsons non-agreement as an effective means of negotiation in dealing with Brussels, but now the Johnson administration has no reason for her to continue believing. Rudd said she would remain an independent member of Parliament in future elections, blocking no agreement to leave Europe with 21 conservative MPs who were expelled from the party.

Earlier, after the resumption of parliamentary session, the opposition Labour Party, assisted by 21 defecting Conservative MPs, successfully seized parliamentary control and passed the Stop Non-Agreement Euro-disengagement bill in the House of Commons. Johnson then expelled the betrayers from the party, including former Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond and former Justice Secretary Gork. Rudd 8, said that Johnsons action is very short-sighted, resulting in the loss of open-minded and loyal members of the Conservative Party, will endanger the performance of the Conservative Party in the next general election.

A spokesman for the British Prime Ministers Office said he was disappointed by the resignation of a talented cabinet member, the BBC reported Wednesday. However, the spokesman stressed that all members of the Cabinet should be aware that the governments goal is to leave Europe by October 31. A senior cabinet official said on the 8th that Rudds resignation would not affect the governments decision to leave Europe as scheduled. He also said that resigning to make headlines would not change peoples determination to leave Europe. Gork, who was expelled from Johnsons party, praised Rudds actions on the 7th, calling on other cabinet ministers to respond.

Sunday Times commented on the 8th that Ruud was one of Johnsons best friends in the Cabinet. Her resignation was another setback for Johnson, who had only been in office for 46 days. On the 5th of this month, Johnsons brother, Joe Johnson, resigned as a member of Parliament and cabinet, expressing that the country is in a dilemma. In addition, at least six members of Johnsons cabinet agree with Rudds position, and at least one is considering resigning.

Opposition Labour Party Chairman Ravelli said on the 7th that the Prime Minister lost his prestige at a record-breaking rate, and his plan to leave Europe was revealed as a fraud. No one trusts Johnson, his cabinet members do not believe him, his Conservative MP does not believe him, even his own brother does not believe him. However, according to the Guardian of England reported on the 8th, Johnson has let environment minister Kofi quickly replace Rudds position. Kofi, a former deputy speaker of the House of Commons, supported European residence in the 2016 referendum.

Britains House of Commons passed a bill to prevent non-agreement from leaving Europe, which will be signed by the Queen of England on the 9th. Last week, the British Parliament passed a bill against the governments no agreement to leave Europe within two days of lightning legislation, followed by Johnsons general election motion, which was also rejected because of insufficient support. Nowadays, there are few cards left in Johnsons hands. With the departure of cabinet leaders, the future trend of the Prime Minister has become the focus of speculation in various media. It is reported that Johnson will submit a motion for general election again on the 9th.

It is noteworthy that the latest readership survey of the British Express shows that the Conservative Partys support rate has not been affected by a series of turbulences. If elections were held, 51% of readers said they still supported the Conservative Party, compared with only 5% for Labour. However, 34% of readers chose Farrach, leader of the British Euro-departure party. Farrach, the former head of the British Independence Party, announced the establishment of the de-European party in April this year. The Party responded to peoples demands in time on the issue of EU-leaving and quickly attracted many supporters. Some British media commented that once the general election is held, it will no longer be a contest between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, but a contest between the Conservative Party and the de-European Party.

The Independent newspaper reported Wednesday that if Johnson ignored the parliamentary decision and insisted on promoting his exit from Europe, it might be a prison disaster to wait for him. A former senior prosecutor said Johnson would be jailed if he refused to comply with the bill passed by Parliament. Lord McDonald, the former British prosecutor, warned that the Prime Minister might face legal punishment for contempt of court.

Source: WWW Author: Qiang Wei, Chen Xin, Responsible Editor: Li Tianyi_NN7528