More than 12 people have been fired by Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Dragon, according to the speculated Hong Kong media.

 More than 12 people have been fired by Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Dragon, according to the speculated Hong Kong media.

According to Hong Kongs Eastern Network, Chen Shangzhu, vice-chairman of Cathay Pacific Dragon Airlines Aircrew Association, revealed on June 6 that so far about three employees and members of the Association have been unintelligibly dismissed, including former chairman of the Association, Shi Anna, and the other two were dismissed for reasons similar to that of Shi Anna.

Cathay Pacific Airlines issued its latest work guidelines on August 21, indicating that if employees are found to be involved in or support illegal demonstrations, violence or excessive behavior, the company will investigate or terminate the employment of the employee. Two days later, Schanna held a press conference and admitted that she had been fired.

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On June 6, a Hong Kong Dragon man surnamed Kong Shao, also said that he was grounded at the end of last month without reason. He was summoned twice by the company last week and dismissed on May 5. He revealed that when he was first called by the company, the other party displayed information about his social platform and asked if it belonged to him.

Hong Kong media quoted Mr. Li as saying that he was fired for no need and that his social platform Posts did not involve political opinions. He submitted a written explanation to the company about the incident, but it was still hard to escape being fired. He confessed that he had little hope for reinstatement.

Hong Kong media pointed out that up to now, more than 12 flight attendants of Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Dragon have been dismissed.

On August 9, the Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to Cathay Pacific Airlines in response to the security risks and hidden dangers exposed in recent incidents, and made three requests, including all those who participated in and supported illegal demonstrations, violent shocks and excessive acts since 0:00 on August 10. Members shall immediately stop their flights to the Mainland or carry out all official activities related to air transport activities in the Mainland; from 10:00 on August 11, they shall submit to the competent authority for operation in the Mainland the identity information of all crew members flying to and over the Mainlands airspace, and shall not receive such flights without verification and approval.

Later, Cathay Pacific issued several statements expressing its firm support for the unremitting efforts of the HKSAR Government, the Chief Executive and the Hong Kong Police in stopping riots and restoring legal order, and will fully comply with the safety instructions of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

In addition, Cathay Pacifics top management has undergone a big change of blood recently. On August 16, Cathay Pacifics board of directors announced that it had accepted the resignation of He Xiao as CEO and Lu Jiapei as Customer and Business President. On September 4, Cathay Pacific announced the resignation of Chairman and Managing Director Shi Leshan.

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