Can Ding Yanyuhang make up for the leak in front line when the 5-point guard+3 interior line test fails?

 Can Ding Yanyuhang make up for the leak in front line when the 5-point guard+3 interior line test fails?

The data will not lie. In this World Cup, the rebounds of the Chinese team were lost every game. Only the rebounds that won the Ivory Coast game lost 8 times. In the three major interior lines, veteran A Lian still ranks first in the team with an average of 8 rebounds per game, while the mens rebounds are relying on 32-year-old veterans. If the mens basketball team has any interior advantage, only absolute height advantage is left.

On the back line, it is rare to hoard five point guards at one time. Guo Allen, Zhao Jiwei, Zhao Rui, Fangshuo, Sun Minghui, such a line-up will undoubtedly reduce the overall height of the Chinese team. These five people, in addition to Zhao Jiwei is the control type of guard, the remaining four are offensive guard. The shortcomings of these four people are the unstable shooting ability, especially the poor shooting percentage from the outside.

Compared with the lack of shooting ability on the guard line, the mens basketball teams front line this time can be said to have no shooting ability. After five games, Zhai Xiaochuan was the only player on the front line, but Zhai Xiaochuan only made a breakthrough in an empty way. Zhai Xiaochuan scored 3 points in all five games, and only made 0.6 shots per game. Abu Du Salamu, Ren Junfei and Kolambek have negligible roles in this World Cup. Even if their playing time is increased, their outside shooting is equally unstable.

This mens basketball team should be the worst outline shooting ability in the history of Chinese mens basketball team. After five games, Chinas 3-point shooting rate is only. There is no basketball outside, the opponents defensive strategy is very obvious, just shrink the basketball. Mens basketball offense can not open space, can only play more inside. However, there is a serious shortage of personnel rotation in the interior, with 3 players vomiting blood and rebounding not guaranteed. The loopholes in the lineup make this mens basketball team difficult to play.

In the future, the mens basketball team must strengthen the front line, especially the front line with overall shooting ability and holding ability. It can be consoled that both Ding Yanyuhang and Zhou Peng, who were absent due to injury, are sharp knives on the front line. This World Cup, if there are them, I believe that the mens basketball team will not be defeated so far.

But Zhou Peng is not too old, how long can his peak state be maintained, and whether Ding Yanyuhangs injury can be cured and restored to its peak level are all big questions. In the future, the mens basketball team will have to dig more and train more young players in the front line, giving more opportunities is the most basic requirement. Without opportunities for young people, nothing can be said.