Rainstorm in class, pupils rush to the playground to collect the national flag: the national flag should not be wet

 Rainstorm in class, pupils rush to the playground to collect the national flag: the national flag should not be wet

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Shadow ran out of the classroom to collect the flag in the rain and got wet all over (Source: Surging News)

On September 5, more than 10 a.m., Taizhou suddenly experienced extreme weather, lightning, thunder and torrential rain. In the heavy rain, there was a warm scene in the playground of Jiangzhou Road Campus of Taizhou Dapu Central Primary School. A sixth-grade child ran to the flagpole in the heavy rain and lowered the national flag in his arms and ran back to the classroom. Although all over the body was wet, but to see the flag was okay, the little fellow showed a proud smile: Clothes can be wet, but the flag can not be wet. Some teachers just took the picture and sent it to friends circle. The netizens praised it one after another. It was so handsome for the children to collect the national flag! ___________

At about 10:20 a.m. on September 5, Class 61 of Jiangzhou Road Campus, Taizhou Dapu Central Primary School, was having an English lesson. Suddenly, lightning and thunder broke out outside the classroom, and the sky darkened.

At this time, Shao Shengzhi, a boy wearing glasses in his class, raised his hand to the teacher. Teacher, its raining outside. Im a flag protector. Im going to collect the flag. It cant get wet.

At first I hesitated, after all, the thunder and lightning outside, and the rain was about to fall. The English teacher Shen Ying said, but the little boy insisted that he was fast. At this time, other children in the class also helped Shao Shengzhi to speak, indicating that the national flag could not be wet. Shen Ying said that she was touched by the patriotism of the children, so she urged Shao Shengzhi to take an umbrella and go back quickly.

Hearing the teachers words, Shao Shengzhi rushed down the third floor with an umbrella and went straight to the playground.

Sure enough, the rain came in an instant, and she could not rest assured that Shen Ying came to the corridor to look at the flagpole of the playground, but the next scene made her eyes wet.

When the rainstorm was pouring down, I saw Shao Shengzhi standing at the flagpole. Because it was difficult to operate with an umbrella, he threw the umbrella aside and carried the flag down in his arms. Shen Ying said that at that moment, there was an inexplicable feeling in her heart, and she felt the strong patriotism of the child.

Shortly after, Shao Shengzhi returned to the classroom with the national flag. He watched his head wet and his glasses covered with mist. Shen Ying sought a hairdryer painfully to dry him. Quick, youre wet. Dont catch cold.

The teacher is fine, the clothes can be wet, but the flag can not be wet, I am a flag guard. Listening to the simple language of the child, Shen Ying said that at that moment, she felt that the 13-year-old child had grown up in an instant, and had learned what responsibility and responsibility were.

It is understood that Shao Shengzhi, a sixth grader of this year, has just been selected as the flag guard of the school since the beginning of school on September 2. He is responsible for raising and lowering the national flag every day. He must come earlier than other students and leave later than others.

Shao Shengzhi was chosen as the new flag guard this year because the former flag guard graduated. Jin Jin, counselor of Jiangzhou Road Campus Brigade of Taizhou Dapu Central Primary School, said that the reason for choosing Shao Shengzhi was that the children were more responsible and helpful in school.

Jin Jin said that when he was selected as the flag guard, he told Shao Shengzhi that the main task of the flag guard was to raise and lower the national flag every day, and to retrieve it in extreme weather. The child was very touched to take the national flag in the heavy rain.

After a teacher sent the scene of Shao Sheng Zhiyu collecting the national flag to his circle of friends, the netizens praised him one after another. The children received the national flag in such a handsome way.

Source: Taizhou Publishing Responsible Editor: Xun Jianguo_NN7379