Park Xinhui Experiences the Primitive Life Cabin Power Supply Depends on Nature

 Park Xinhui Experiences the Primitive Life Cabin Power Supply Depends on Nature

From the false boy Gao Mei Men to the female journalist Cui Renhe who never tells lies... Park Xinhui, born with a babys face, has created a variety of adorable girls with a slightly baby fat face.

But who would have thought that this lovely girl with baby fat could also be a woman paper in her life?

Prior to that, Park Mei had a documentary variety of Forest Cabin, which scored as high as 9.0 on Douban, which was different from most of the existing variety shows. Its not funny, unobstructed, simple, and the actors live alone and have no interaction with each other.

But it is by no means a dull program. After abandoning the direct stimulation to the senses, the idea of returning to nature thrown out by the program is more and more thought-provoking. I have to say that Pak Mei-zi is really picking the best in the selection of programs.

Next, let Xiaobian take you to this small wooden cabin belonging to Xiaopu to have a glimpse of the truth.

Pu Mei-zi is also full of vigor and vitality in the variety arts. Even if she stays alone, she is a little story-teller.

This cabin is not big, but it is very clever to design a large glass window with excellent lighting and vision. It also loads the forest scenery outside the house into the house. The whole cabin looks very transparent and unique.

There are foldable tables under the window. When the sunshine comes in, sit quietly by the window, read books, drink tea and draw pictures in front of the sunshine. How pleasant it is! When the small table is not in use, it can be put away by pressing the button below, which can be said to be quite practical.

Another interesting thing about this hut is that in order to conform to the idea of returning to nature and not providing public facilities such as electricity, heating and so on to guests, everything is self-sufficient.

Replace tap water with barreled water.

There is no place to hang clothes in the cabin. The solution for Pu Meizi is to saw and grind the skin by herself after finding the right branches. After a long time, finally made a shelf that can hang many things.

The stamp set aims at how Wuli Pu Mei-zi spent two days and one night in such a simple living environment.