Mayun, the word maker: from online merchant to new retail and new manufacturing

 Mayun, the word maker: from online merchant to new retail and new manufacturing

In a documentary about the early days of Alibabas founding, we can see that Ma Yun was different from the self-confident and publicized posture on the big occasion today. At that time, he held his cheek on one hand and wrinkled his brows lightly. Although he looked expressionless, his eyes were firm. At that time, Ma Yun was full of ideas about how to change the world and how to use the Internet to make Chinese goods reach the world.

Some people laugh at Ma Yuns dreams and boast. Twenty years later, Ma Yuns dream has come true.

Today, Alibaba has grown to be the most valuable Internet company in China. It has not only Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, hungry word of mouth products, but also an ecological environment that covers core businesses, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovative businesses, and affects all aspects of Chinese life. Shopping and then pay for water, electricity and gas, extraction of housing provident fund.

From 1999 to 2019, Alibabas 20-year history was also regarded as a Chinese history of time reduction. Official data show that in the past 20 years, the number of things Chinese people can do in 10 minutes has increased by at least 200. For individuals and businesses, the efficiency and value created are incalculable.

During the past 20 years in Alibaba, Ma Yun has creatively put forward the concept of promoting social change many times. Although many people may not quite understand the true meaning of these concepts, it is undeniable that these concepts have indeed triggered street talk, and let the relevant industry people follow suit and follow-up interpretation.

Network business

According to Ji Ziyi, a professional researcher in the Internet industry, who wrote in Ma Yunru Say 2, Ma Yun put forward the concept ofInternet Businessmanin 2002. As people engaged in business on the Internet, they are the main body of the future development of Chinas e-commerce.

It is generally believed in the industry that the concept of online merchants was widely known in 2004. In order to record the development of Chinas e-commerce industry, Alibaba Group held the first Internet Business Conference in 2004, and pioneered the selection of the Top Ten Global Internet Businessmen.

At that time, the total amount of Taobao transactions was less than 100 million yuan. Among the more than 500 people who attended the conference, the largest online merchant was 50,000 yuan a month. But at the meeting, Ma Yun said, Ten years later, if you dont sell one million dollars a month, youre not ashamed to say youre an online merchant. The people present did not take this sentence seriously, because nobody would have thought that in less than ten years, Taobaos turnover had exceeded trillion yuan.

With the emergence of Internet merchants, Internet life is no longer simply addicted to chat, games, friends and other entertainment activities, but the Internet as a tool of productivity, can do business.

Since then, the online business community has developed rapidly. According to the report of China Electronic Commerce Research Center, by the end of June 2011, the number of individual online stores in China alone has exceeded 14 million.

However, after 2012, Alibaba suspended the holding of online business conferences. Ma Yun decided to stop and rethink, Nine years later, the world has changed, China has changed, the economy has changed, and the online merchants have changed. If the online merchantsCongress remains unchanged, then we are still going the old way, and we will regret it very much.

Ma Yun believes that entrepreneurs need integrity and must not lose faith in customers, and entrepreneurs need to be clear about what they own, what they want and what they can give up. If you dont know what you can give up, you wont know what you will stick to. In his eyes, dream and trade-offs are the characteristics of online merchants.

As the online business group has come to the key point of upgrading to the new retail era, in July of the same year, Alibaba restarted the online business conference. In Ma Yuns view, the concept of online merchant has been reconstructed at this time. It not only represents the people who do business on the network, but also covers various fields such as supply chain, full channel, online and offline integration, logistics, financial payment and so on with the full integration of digital commerce and real business.

Madein Internet

When Alibaba restarted the conference in 2017, the theme of the conference was Madein Internet. At the meeting, Ma Yun also put forward the concept of madeininternet for the first time.

We used to call it Madein China or Madein India or Madein France. In the future, there will be no pure American or Chinese-made products. Maybe the design is American, the assembly is Chinese, and the products are sold all over the world. It turned out that only big companies could do these things. Today, because of the Internet, everyone could do such things. Ma Yun said.

Maybe its because we dont pay enough attention to it and think its a long way from now on. He also reminds the Internet merchants to rethink their business model, consumers, suppliers, logistics system and financing system. He also emphasizes that Madein Internet, as we put it forward, must not think its just a slogan, it will affect everyone.

This concept was later used by Ma Yun to help interpret the new manufacturing in the Five New Strategies in order to strengthen the outside worlds attention to the Internet. At the World Summit of the Internet of Things in Wuxi in 2017, Ma Yun said: Manufacturing industry must learn to embrace the Internet. MadeIn China and MadeIn USA will not exist in the future. MadeIn Internet will be the future manufacturing industry, and all the future manufacturing industry will be manufactured on the Internet.

New Retail

In the years when the Internet Business Conference stopped, Internet technology developed rapidly. At the 2016 Yunqi Conference, Ma Yun predicted the future development trend by summarizing the technological changes in the past few years, and creatively put forward the five new strategies: new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy. He also emphasized that the five new generals will exert tremendous impact and influence on all walks of life in all aspects, and they will win if they grasp it.

Among them, Ma Yun pays most attention to the new retail which is closely related to Alibabas core business. He believes that the era of pure e-commerce will soon end. In the next ten or twenty years, there will be no e-commerce, only new retail.

Even so, the trend of new retail still swept across China, and quickly triggered an online, offline and offline integration of the business revolution. Such products as Boxhorse Fresh Life and Yonghui New Species with new retail names have emerged one after another, Tianmao Shop, Jingdong Convenience Shop, Suning Shop and other online and offline linkages have also emerged endlessly.

After the bustle of the industry, the results do not seem obvious. In recent months, the new retail fever has begun to recede, and the assertion that new retail goes down the altar has also begun to circulate.

New Manufacturing

When the whole industry is immersed in the new retail trend, Ma Yun started a huge publicity for new manufacturing.

At the Yunqi Conference in 2018, Ma Yun systematically expounded new manufacturing for the first time and said that new manufacturing will soon bring sweeping threats and sweeping opportunities to the manufacturing industry of China and even the whole world. The suffering faced by all manufacturing industries will be far beyond imagination. We must be fully prepared for it. And make preparations in all respects.

However, new manufacturing is not the integration of entity and virtual, Ma Yun explained, new manufacturing is the integration of manufacturing and service industries, the core of which is data. In the past, manufacturing industry relied on electricity, and in the future, manufacturing industry relied on data. He predicted that the successful manufacturing industry in the future must be the Internet, IoT, cloud computing, big data new manufacturing enterprises.

Ma Yun stressed, We propose new manufacturing, not Alibaba to enter the manufacturing industry, but to help the manufacturing industry reform and change. In todays external environment and the general trend of technological change, the traditional manufacturing industry will surely become more and more difficult and challenging. Ma Yun believes that new manufacturing is an important opportunity for enterprises to meet the future.

The specific time when the concept of new entity economy was first put forward can not be verified. It can only be found in a report of the Chinese Times in December 2015 that Ma Yun mentioned in Shuang11 that year: Network enterprises do not produce products, but they will use new technologies with manufacturers to produce sales miracles. This is a new entity. The rise of economy and new economy.

Like other words coined by Ma Yun, few people understood new real economy at the beginning. Dong Mingzhu, the head of Gree Electric Appliances, even said in an interview with the media that only Ma Yun could make the connotation of new real economy clear, and he did not understand it.

Even if the outside world does not understand, Ma Yun still attaches great importance to the new real economy, and stressed in an interview with the Peoples Political Consultative Conference in April 2017, In the next 30 years, the world will usher in the Internet era, and the economic structure will undergo profound changes. In the future, no business can leave the Internet, nor can it be online or offline. Off-line enterprises must go online, and on-line enterprises must go online. The future does not necessarily belong to the traditional real economy, but it must belong to the new real economy that embraces the Internet and new technologies.

He pointed out that Alibaba is transforming from an e-commerce enterprise to an economy. It is promoting and distributing new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy, and building a new real economy with data as means of production and calculation as productivity.

Over the past two decades, Ma Yun has been active in all areas of society. He has spoken for Alibaba and set an example to the society. He not only serves as a director and shareholder of dozens of companies, but also holds a number of social titles in the United Nations, universities at home and abroad, public welfare organizations and cultural institutions.

Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of Lenovo Group, said that Ma Yun was a great person who could make things impossible, while Guo Taiming, the founder of Hon Hai Group, commented on Ma Yun. We cant say that there is no one before, but its very difficult to have a successor.

Ma Yun himself said, We are just lucky to be in the middle of this opportunity at the right time.

Ma Yuns time as chairman of Alibabas board is drawing to a close, but this does not mean that Ma Yun will retire. He said that he is still Alibaba 100,000,001 employees and partners, will remain active in various fields, continue to work for innovation and reform, as he said when he got the title of reform pioneer: The country gave me the title ofreform pioneer, but I think it gave our generation, this group of people. The greatest tribute to reform is to persevere in it.

Source: All-weather Science and Technology Responsible Editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541