Yao Ming emphasized responsibility twice: the gap between us and the world is widening

 Yao Ming emphasized responsibility twice: the gap between us and the world is widening

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Yao Ming: I am responsible for the failure of the mens basketball team.

On the evening of September 8, the heartbreaking night of the Chinese mens basketball team. Yao Ming, the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, who has been supervising the team, also received an interview with reporters on the spot after the match, and took the initiative to take responsibility for the teams failure.

In Yao Mings view, the mens basketball World Cup has opened a window for the Chinese mens basketball team, and the Chinese basketball team has encountered a dilemma of not advancing but retreating.

There are too many places to sum up. For this competition, we still have to look at the world with our eyes open. After 16 years, the level of the world is getting bigger and bigger from us.

In this regard, Yao Ming also stressed that in order to continue to deepen the basketball reform, we must firmly and more efforts to the entire basketball system, from professional leagues, coaches training, to young people, including the combination of sports and education, to go deeper, nothing can be abandoned halfway.

Because of this defeat, the mens basketball team will not be able to go straight to the Tokyo Olympic Games, or even to participate in the Olympic Games for the first time in 36 years.

Yao Ming also apologized for the result. I failed to live up to the expectations of the fans all over the country. The World Cup was very much anticipated, and we did not achieve the expected scene. Whether its the top 16 or the Olympic qualifications, we still have the window period of the Asian Cup behind us and the June defeat. In any case, we will fight for any hope.

What I want to say is that so far I have to take all the responsibilities. For that, Li Nan replaced Allianz in the end of the game, Yao Ming also held a positive opinion, An old man like him shouldnt experience 40 seconds on the court.

Of course, Yao Ming also did not evade the problem. The coaching team did everything possible to improve the team, lead the team, unite the team, as far as possible to enhance the combat effectiveness, we do have many problems, but many problems are not a coaching groups problem.

Yao Mings mood is also somewhat exciting. He once again stressed the need for Chinas basketball to continue to reform. We cant give up halfway, we will firmly go on, because we know the direction of the worlds basketball, then we must look to the highest level in the world.

Finally, they were asked who would be responsible if someone had to take responsibility. Yao Ming responded in a loud voice: I!

Then he left without looking back.

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