Which body is a little trendy man? Paper bag trousers are sprouting and handsome

 Which body is a little trendy man? Paper bag trousers are sprouting and handsome

In the movie, Nezha is not only wildly handsome and cool, but also worth exploring in dress and clothing. Take the hot search pants for example, do not look at it no pocket, that is the two years of fire paper bags pants.

Picture/ Screenshot of the trailer of The Devil Child of Nazha

In real life, paper-bagged trousers are also popular with many fashion trendsetters. They often use paper-bagged trousers to match the following three items to create a variety of elegant and sometimes witty shapes.

Summer limit: T-shirt + paper bags

Picture/He Suis microblog screenshot

Its like He Sui attending the flash event on the seventh night of Vimi, taking a white T-shirt with a peach heart print and matching it with beige-brown paper bags and pants. Without too much decoration, it looks very funny and sweet, and it should be in the right time.

Elegant Duty: Retro Shirt + Paper Bag Pants

Paper bag trousers are the upgraded deformation of broad-legged trousers, and also belong to the single product with strong sense of retro. When it is combined with shirt items of similar style, it will have a more elegant and noble look.

Sexy Invincible: CropTop + Paper Bag Pants

In summer, if you have a vest line, you must show it. If you want to show off your belly without losing your sense of superiority, you can try CropTop + paper bags.

Picture/Fendi official microblog screenshot

For example, during the Fendi event a few days ago, Supermodel Youtianyi took part in this model. Besides the upper and lower garments, the red waistbag she matched not only has the eye-catching effect, but also can echo the shoes and shoes, making the model more complete and hierarchical.

Source: Xie Yi_NQ4682, responsible editor of Beijing News