Reporting to leaders by Wechat, Keeping in mind Eight Needs, Eight Needs and Reusing Promotion and Raising Salary

 Reporting to leaders by Wechat, Keeping in mind Eight Needs, Eight Needs and Reusing Promotion and Raising Salary

[3] We should be guided by the convenience of leadership and not be lazy. Leaders ask you for someones contact information, we are used to open the address book screenshot to send, you save time, leaders also wear presbyopia, a number to identify a number after dialing the phone. Apparently thank you, my heart must scold you for not looking long. To edit a paragraph of text, name, position, mobile phone number, leaders directly dial the phone, while easy to save in the address book.

[4] We should do things directly in place, not simply deal with them. The leader asks you a question. You should judge the intention of the leader and do everything in a comprehensive way. For example, if the leader asks you for someones mailing address, do you want to judge whether the leader sends something or forwards it to someone else? So instead of looking for a courier to take photos for the leader, you edit a text message according to the standard format of the courier to send to the leader, postcode, address, name, contact cell phone. Leaders can directly paste into the online appointment process, or directly forward to others.

[5] We should consider the details thoroughly and not take them for granted. The leader asked you what time to have a meeting. You should consider how the leader arrives at the scene. For example, if you judge a leader to go by car, you should give him a position and state in words the time, place, where to park with the car, the name of the receptionist and the mobile phone. If the leader takes a taxi, he should send the information of the specific place to get off, which is convenient for the leader to give the taxi driver to see clearly.

[6] Be civilized and polite, and dont make decisions without authorization. The leader is away on business. Wechat asks you to pick up a courier for him. You must not make your own opinions and deal with them without authorization; you must not open them in private without permission. You have to take photos of the mailing information and send it to the leader. You have to obey the leaders arrangement. For example, the things in the express delivery need to be put in the refrigerator, or the documents need to be handed over to someone.

[8] Consider the compatibility of mobile phones and dont send it out in a flash. When the leader asks you for a document, you pass it on without delay. Sometimes it makes the leader angry, because the leaders mobile phone is incompatible and can not be opened. Important information is usually sent in three forms: Word edition, which is easy for leaders to edit; PDF edition, which is easy for leaders to open; and photo edition, which means that Leadersmobile phones cant open anything, but pictures can always be seen, with no delay as the basic starting point.