No matter how proud you are, you should keep your mouth shut. Dont say these three words to anyone. Theres more to lose than to lose.

 No matter how proud you are, you should keep your mouth shut. Dont say these three words to anyone. Theres more to lose than to lose.

People dont talk about their past scandals when they are disappointed. When you are proud of yourself, you tend to forget about yourself and think that if you succeed, all the past events will become interesting talks. As some people say, the loser says everything is farting, the winner farts is reasonable.

Xiao Zhang struggled with Lao Zhao all the way. Lao Zhao was appointed general manager and Xiao Zhang was promoted as the manager of the core department. Both of them were proud of horseshoe disease. Drinking in the evening to celebrate, Lao Zhao used wine to express his feelings, recalling the frustrations of the struggle along the way. Xiao Zhang had three cups of horse urine to lower abdomen, which was echoed by the voice from time to time.

Speaking of pleasure, Xiao Zhang was complacent and forgotten, thinking that talking about past events would add to the leaderships glory, clapping his thighs and saying, You dont know, Zhao was always trained by his clients that year, that wolf, that tragic urge, its really hard to say a word, and now hes finally willing to suffer. Xiao Zhang did not notice that Zhaos face was getting uglier and uglier.

Xiao Zhang did not realize that some of the past events, the leadership can choose to say, but others can not speak fast, this is the workplace taboo. Within a few days, everyone in the company knows Zhaos stories of the past and imitates what Xiao Zhang told them. Before long, Xiao Zhang was transferred to a remote area to take up his post.

(2) We cant say more about what we like.

Someone opened the door to magpie. Some people are refreshing in the spirit of happy events, others are roof leakage happens to rain overnight. When you eat meat, if you dont share it with others, dont touch your mouth when you eat it. Make a loud noise. Be careful to make people anxious and take away your rice bowl.

Plum has recently been promoted and given a raise. Spring breeze is proud of horseshoe disease, and walking is becoming more and more popular. Children are really happy to be admitted to a famous school. Plum is embarrassed to show off her promotion and salary increase, so she shows off her children and often exposes her learning hegemony in the circle of friends and classmates.

Not long ago, the unit raised salary again, this time there was no plum. Plum is not convinced, but also seek leadership to submit. Leaders beat plums, dont lose heart when you are disappointed, and dont forget when you are proud. Muxiu must be destroyed by the forest breeze. Everyone is having a bad time. You cant help others. You should keep a low profile and show off too much to stimulate others.

[3] Special abilities cannot be said publicly.

Walking in the workplace, we respect the doers more, make steady achievements, let people be convinced. The people who are more dissatisfied are those who rely on speculation and ingenuity. Smart people, even if they have connections, resources and shortcuts, will not tell others. They wish they could not pretend to be dumb and make others balance in their hearts when they get benefits.

Xiao Lins father is a locksmith. He has learned to unlock locksmiths from an early age. On one occasion, the company had to demonstrate important documents to customers. It happened that the leaders drawer lock was broken and the urgently needed PPT was locked inside. Originally, the leader wanted to pry the lock. Xiao Lin took the initiative and opened the lock three times, five times and two times. He solved the urgent need of the leader, and everyone applauded one after another.

Xiao Lin is proud. The next day, Xiao Lin found that many of his colleagues had added an open lock to their drawers, which was very unpleasant to him. Originally, Xiao Lin had a good mix in the company. Seeing that he was so prevented by his colleagues, he resigned. When he arrived at the new unit, Xiao Lin understood that when walking in the workplace, he should grasp the proportions, help those who should help, and help those who should not.

In the workplace, there are some employees who have some little skills, such as the ability to turn over the wall on the internet, crack the password, find the source of the film and so on. Just use them for your own use. Dont tell your colleagues that once something bad happens, everyone cant help thinking of you and let you jump into the Yellow River and wash it out. The key is that you can only use them. Will be quietly guarding against you, you do not have the opportunity to jump the Yellow River cleaning.