Cat Mountain King, Guzao, Blue Tears, Watching fireworks, we caught this summers tail in Kuala Lumpur.|

 Cat Mountain King, Guzao, Blue Tears, Watching fireworks, we caught this summers tail in Kuala Lumpur.|

Come out on vacation, and there is no KPI to complete, do not have to get up early in the morning to densely punch in all scenic spots.

There are many enjoyments that can only be obtained in the local place at that time. What you see, hear, feel, and leave a good common memory with the people you like are the most important significance of traveling.

The reason for choosing Kuala Lumpur is that life is similar in major cities all over the world. There are many commonalities among shopping malls, restaurants and snack streets. With the National Day of Malaysia on August 31, it must be safe and lively, and the atmosphere will be very good. (Although the exchange rate is higher as a result)

Before departure, apply for an electronic visa online, buy a local telephone card online, Book round-trip tickets and hotels, and youre done!

Remind everyone to prepare gastrointestinal medicine, mosquito repellent spray, sunscreen and sunglasses in Southeast Asia.

Just arriving in the hot tropical area may not be acclimatized, and, although the citys public facilities are very cold, once you walk outdoors, even if you wait for a red light to cross the road, you are exposed to the sun, the basic sunscreen measures should be done well.

We departed and returned from Tianjin Airport. The airline ticket was cheap. The key was that we could have two meals back and forth in Tianjin. It was delicious to stew miscellaneous fish and pancakes.

This is our first experience of cheap air red-eye flights, the trip is very exciting and not too tired feeling, although the return trip is not red-eye, but the air conditioning is too cold, next time prepare blankets in advance.

Get off the plane to exchange small horse coins, take the airport bus to the city, and then to the Central Station for a little more money, recommend maybank, the exchange rate is relatively optimal.

In fact, many convenience stores and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur support Alipay. In some places, WeChat also pays OK. Some stores have large Alipay and public comment signs at the door, and the rate of payment is the best.

In exchange for good money, our eating, drinking and shopping trip officially began to

Upstairs is the largest bookstore in Kuala Lumpur, Kinokuniya. It is a Japanese bookstore. Japanese, Chinese and English have their own areas. The new style and Japanese Opera being broadcast are displayed synchronously with Japan. There are all kinds of lovely handmade cabinets. The environment is quiet and elegant. Its very good to visit.

However, the whole Malaysian trip we did not get to the taste of Uda fish cake, clearly so rich in fishing, perhaps Southeast Asia pursues a different taste than us? It tastes bad anyway.

After lunch, we went to the Ibis (Ibis) Hotel, which is 10 minuteswalk from the twin towers. The top floor has an endless swimming pool. Its very convenient and close to the streets, shopping malls and snack streets in the city center.

After a good rest in the afternoon, we immediately set off for the night market to try the long-awaited durian self-help night market near the light rail station Taman Bahagia, and get a grab taxi from the subway to SS2 Street night market.

Grab is very convenient for taxi in Southeast Asia, and grabfood can also order takeout. Gonas small motorcycle rides fast. Another common takeout app is foodpanda. Logo is a pink panda. Its cute.

The crowded night market is very busy. After a tour, we chose the bigger home of Hongyun Durian. 40RM per person can eat for an hour.

We actually compared different kinds of durian before we found that the original taste will be so different! Impressive, such as D24 sweet, XO bitter, but are soft, smooth and delicious durian.

(But then we went to another night market and ate the mountain-top Elvis King, which tasted great! Arrogant and arrogant to all the heroes

Although there are also fresh fruit shops in the city center, there are several tasting pans of durian, but we feel that eating durian at night market is especially grounded, like eating hemp snacks and drinking beer in summer evening.

In addition to Durian, I have seen in Cai Lans book that the early taste of Malaysian Chinese is very authentic. Therefore, the search for ancient delicacies is also the highlight of Malay trip.

The next morning we went to the National Mosque near PasarSeni Station. Muslims have a fixed time of worship and are open to tourists. Please come before 11 oclock in the morning.

There are gowns for tourists at the entrance, and hats should also be worn without showing their hair. After taking off their shoes, they should enter.

The gowns for tourists are made of relatively wearable materials, which are really hot, while the gowns made by local people are lighter and thinner. If you dont want to wear a gown, remember to wear long-sleeved pants.

Street girls, both a black gown with only eyes, but more different colors of headscarves, patterns, or with small but chic headscarf pins as fashion embellishment, relatively mild, there is freedom to wear clothes.

After visiting the National Mosque, you can visit the National Museum of Malaysia and the Astronomical Museum along a path up the hill. There is a corridor between the two, so you can walk without sunshine.

The astronomical museum is relatively small. Its fun to see the inside structure of the big bag carried by the astronauts and to manipulate it so that the space probe can raise its hand and turn the lens from top to bottom.

If you want to quickly understand the history and current situation of a country, no matter how many encyclopedias, guidebooks or strategies you read, you can feel more intuitively in museums.

The National Museum receives a ticket of 5RM, which is divided into four exhibition halls. It can provide an overview of Malaysias geographical and ecological environment, history of colonial struggle, national traditions, modern development and other aspects.

Especially for the Chinese people, I am very interested. The intermarriage between the Chinese and the local people in Zheng Hes voyage in the Ming Dynasty not only preserved the Chinese tradition, but also integrated the local characteristics, so that we can see a new cultural process.

Walking to the Central Art Square after the visit, this is an old-fashioned food market, now more like a place to buy special goods for tourists, with a slightly strong commercial atmosphere.

I saw the round hand rattan package is very cute, asked the price, one for 150RM, some expensive. Let me think about it. I searched one of our treasures. Wow, its from Guangxi. I see. Made in China is a special commodity. Im not here to add to the confusion.

There is a Chinese-style Grandmas Precious Old China on the upstairs of the Central Art Square.

The little golden cup made by the signboard lady is really delicious. It looks like a beautiful flower. The coconut milk of curry chicken is also very strong.

But the rice dyed blue is like a little girls fingernails dyed with flowers. Although colored, the essence is still a tasteless southern rice. The northerners are really not used to Southeast Asias rice. The fish in this family is not delicious either. The fish in Ashen sauce has no individuality and ambiguity.

It seems that the old mothers and mothers, in order to let the children eat more food, really spent a lot of thought, not too many kinds of food, changed into a variety of flowers.

Although the first Chinese entrepreneurship, but also in the hotel table to prepare for the new Chinese wedding. But now, after several generations, we just met a typical Chinese who could not speak Chinese. The checkout did not support Alipay.

The owner of Old Town White Coffee on the first floor is also not very good at Chinese. Under the Chinese shell, they have become ordinary tourist attraction hotels.

In KLCCs Little Penang Cafeat Suria KLCC, each dumpling sticks together, and the spicy sauce is neither spicy nor fragrant. Although using a Chinese cock bowl, curry noodles are soulless factory pressed yellow noodles, very fast food.

In fact, it can be understood that Kuala Lumpur is an international city after all. Young people may generally prefer to work in high-end office buildings as men and women. Why should they stick to the traditional restaurant at home? They are busy, tired and not tall at all.

Although it is recognized as a good mathematician Chinese all over the world, we can all understand the rules of finding money, such as 6 yuan is required, I get 5 yuan back for 11 bosses. Only one bosses can understand that he comes from the memorial beef meal of Hutong No. 10, which is very touching!

Its really hard to pass this on! There are many kinds of temptations. Its amazing to calm down and learn the complicated old crafts. After all, many young people dont even want to go into the kitchen.

Therefore, every time I see the video of young inheritors of intangible cultural heritage on the Internet, I always have special admiration.

Whats interesting is the little brothers from Southeast Asia who cant actually see which country we are from. Theyre all dancing in Chinese, Japanese and Korean in all kinds of bulk, especially funny.u2014u2014

Baby comes, How beautiful you are,

Peaceful Hasaiyo (Korean Hello), Kaji (Korean Dont go)

There is a herbal tea in Chinatown. The sign is Momordica longan ice-sugar stewed wax gourd. We have been drinking it all the time, and we have been thinking, what is this taste before? Ah! Wang Laoji!

When I got there, I found that it was soda bread with lots of cheese, nothing special. It can only be said that the livestock after KLCC work, like the staff of the company who are busy all over the world, relies on a calorie explosive food to soothe their hearts before returning home

If durian is the first factor that attracts me to Malaysia, the pink mosque is the second. No way, Im a hopeless pink control. Ill probably be a pink old lady at 80.

When wearing a robe at the gate of the pink mosque, the lady and sister at the front desk saw Pikachu on our T-shirt and excitedly learned the sound of Pikachu. It was very lovely.

Pikachu is very popular. There are Pikachu ice cream trucks in the night market, Malacca and manpower tour trucks decorated with Pikachu.

Then we drove to Malacca. Malacca appeared in the geography textbook and went to see for yourself what it looked like.

There are also ancient wooden boats and the Dutch Red House, which show that this small port has pirate and colonial past, as well as the seaside mosques and waves.

Different cultures from ancient times to modern times blend here, and each other retains its own persistence.

In the Old Chinatown Chicken Farm Street in Malacca, we had chicken oil rice rolled into balls at Nasi Ayam Hoe Kee. The landlady was very smart. The guestsfaces were recorded at the waiting, ordering and delivery meetings. It was very human.

Durian ice cream and durian crystal dew were enjoyed in TasteBetter.

Chicken Farm Street also has a sense of old Chinatown. There are not many Chinese people in Cichang Street in the center of the city. It is a tourist attraction that entirely deceives foreigners.

Back to the city from Malacca, we first came to the most famous Arrow Street Night Market, where there is a Wong Ah Wah, where the wings of roast chicken are roasted in a traditional way. The roast chicken is dark, but the entrance has a strong fragrance of charcoal! ____________

Maybe some people think its unhealthy to make a fire and roast directly, but the so-called healthy salad + chicken breast and so on are really not good to eat.

After eating chicken wings, we came to the door of Lot 10 Hutong recommended by Cai Lan. There were huge pictures of Grandpa Cai Lan.

Lets start with a dark golden lotus. Fujian fried noodles and rat powder. Wow! Fire quick frying + lard + heavy sugar, heavy sauce and salt, quick frying to lock the water in the noodles itself, and Q-bomb and charcoal aroma, sauce taste super strong, after eating the mouth are black, but really good! Eat!

It turned out that this is the legendary ancient taste!

In Malaysia these days, Hutong 10 is our base.

After tasting Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine, I dont know what to eat, but eventually I will come to Hutong 10.u2014u2014

Burned bread, pork belly soup, beef powder, sparerib noodles, white coffee, durian cake, wife cake, wow! Now I think of it, its so delicious and happy to be in the Star Lords God of the Easter movie.

In addition, where you can feel the ancient taste, recommend a far away night market with very few tourists, Leisure Mall Night Market, which opens on Friday near Leisure Mall.

This is a Chinese gathering area, very human fireworks, to see which stall the local people are queuing up, do not want to directly line up just fine, it is right to

He wore a small towel around his neck and kept stir-frying all the time. His shoulders were high and low because of his years of hard work in the left-handed pan and the right-handed shovel.

I was particularly moved by his figure. This is the diligence and bravery of the Chinese nation. Brain rings out BGM Love to fight to win!

There is also an old mans dessert stand in line, peanuts are crisp and sweet and delicious.

In this night market, we have also eaten the mountain top variety of Elvis King, absolute praise! The taste is so smooth and smooth that I cant look down on the vulgar powder of durian in the supermarket when I get back to Beijing.

Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh is recommended for meat and bone tea. It is different from the pine hair meat and bone tea that has been eaten in Singapore. The flavor of this tea is very light. The stewed pork foot oil is bright and the meat is super satisfying.

In one breath, we can only eat the ancient early taste in Malaysia. In addition to the natural environment, we saw monkeys, eagles, fireflies, blue tears, all kinds of marine life and birds on our trip to Malaysia.

In Selangor, more than an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, monkeys live freely on a small hill. Tourists can buy some of the monkeysfavorite food in the hands of local people to feed them.

In a small harbor, you can take a boat to see the eagle. After leaving the harbor and going out for a short time, the boatman will put some small fish to attract the eagles. We will watch the eagles on the boat.

The attitude of Malaysians is that they do not keep small animals in captivity, but create an environment that small animals like and let tourists watch.

By the way, eat a super fresh salted egg yolk shrimp and adult mans thick-arm prawn crawler

The next look at fireflies and blue tears is concentrated in this area, just in different directions.

After dusk comes, we sail from the same small harbor, wait for the boat to stop, turn off the lights, and when our eyes get used to the darkness, we can see the next tree, little by little, shining fireflies, much like Christmas lights.

The same is true of blue tears. Everyone sends a small net into the sea. The net touches the microorganisms in the water and stimulates them to emit blue fluorescence. If they are lucky to catch a bigger one, they can see that the blue tears are like jelly. Its wonderful to poke and shine them.

In addition, there is an aquarium (Aquaria KLCC) in the twin towers of the urban area and a Kuala Lumpur Bird Park near the National Museum, which is the largest bird park in Asia.

Tropical lizards, tree-like insects, busy otters, crabs ready to fight, and leisurely sea turtles will make you forget that they are under the twin towers.

We saw the birds fighting for the same branch, the birds with slippery feet and calm pretensions of being okay, the two male peacocks with good friends talking on the net, and the newborn birds in the nest trying to open their mouths and wait for their parents to feed, and the time to close the garden will soon come to get off work! No business! Big bird, very exciting, very interesting.

Citizens rushed to the ceremony site on the night of August 30 the previous day to prepare for the ceremony. Not only did the subway run late, the number of security on the streets increased, shopping malls were bustling and people were smiling.

We stayed in a hotel very close to the Twin Towers. 30 minutes before the arrival of August 31, we gathered with exciting people near the Twin Towers, waiting for the celebration fireworks of the Twin Towers.

On August 31, Malaysias National Celebration Ceremony was held in Independence Square. Actually, we saw the parade airplane drill on the day of the Pink Mosque.

Finally, lets talk about what Malaysia is worth buying.

We recommend white coffee as a companion gift. After drinking it, we find that the old name of Ghee Hiang in Hutong No. 10 has the strongest aroma, followed by the old Town White Coffee, which is also the Malaysian specialty with the most online shopping in China. We also bought mint-flavored white coffee from Anton Coffee Factory, Malaysias oldest coffee factory, which tastes like a cool breeze in a hot water nozzle.

Chocolate beans are also delicious. The most famous brand is Berlys. Supermarkets and airports have special counters. Many tourists buy a lot of them. I think the best taste is Tiramisu.

Similar to Singapores small CK, Malaysia also has a young fashion brand called Vincci, but the price is cheap. Many girls are looking at slippers, sandals and bags every time they pass the store. It is said that the sandals are designed to stick to the bow and they are not tired after a long walk.

But I didnt buy it. I didnt wear many flip flops. I was sunburned in Malaysia and I was trying to cover up the white when I came back.

The make-up brand silkygirl is cheap and good quality. I used it before. This time I chose a white tube lipstick suitable for plain face (No. 11 Chic). The texture is like lip balm. Its very smooth.

Passing by Watsons or Guardian, you can try color. After 15 RM, you can buy a lipstick. I use it everyday recently.

Besides local brands, M.A.C., Lamer, LOreal and Olay are said to be cheaper than domestic ones. I didnt do my homework in advance. When I arrived at the counter, I saw that all the popular products were out of stock. There was no price advantage for the goods that were not out of stock.

Finally, our must-buy item is the refrigerator sticker!

Ah! The journey is over. I miss you so much! ____________ In order to meet the arrival of the next trip, we must continue to strive hard.

Bench elder sister Li slowly

The Significance of Travel

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