Ten million fellow countrymen won the prize, but the equalization was a series.

 Ten million fellow countrymen won the prize, but the equalization was a series.

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Ten million people in the countryside won the prize and put forward an equal share, but unexpectedly it was a serial set (Source: Look at the news)

At the end of June this year, Li Mou lived in his hometown Liu Mou. A few days later, Li claimed that he had won the first prize in the super lottery with a prize of 10 million yuan. In order to thank Liu Mou for his care, Li Mou is willing to share the bonus equally. At the same time, Li Mou proposed that the costs incurred in the process of cashing the prize should be borne by Liu Mou.

May let Liu unexpectedly be, this process of cashing the prize is twists and turns, the lottery ticket is continuously lost. On July 3, they hitched a free ride to Hangzhou to redeem the prize. Li Mou proposed a split action, go to the sports lottery center to cash the prize, Liu Mou to handle the bank card used to deposit the bonus. But before long, Li called and said that the lottery ticket had fallen on the bus and he wanted to go back to Cixi to get the lottery ticket.

After losing it, Liu was not at ease. Put forward their own requirements to protect the lottery, Lius request is in the right place. Li once again directed the loss of the lottery, put the lottery into a bag and gave it to Liu, but the lottery has been stolen by Li.

Later, Li recommended a micro-signal named Happy Every Day to Liu Mo, calling the other party Xiao Liu Jie, a staff member of the sports lottery center, to help with the lottery. In the past month, Xiao Liu Jie has asked Liu Mou to transfer more than 27,000 yuan for the reasons of cashing fees and supporting the lottery tickets. However, after the transfer, the bonus promised by Xiao Liu Jie was delayed and Liu was blackened.

Through the trial, Li admitted his fraud facts. Originally, Li Mou had a debt of more than 200,000 yuan in his early years because of his business. Considering that fellow countryman Liu Mou had great confidence in himself, Li Mou designed and directed the deception. At present, Li Mou has been detained by public security organs for suspected fraud. In this regard, the police remind the public to transfer money to strangers, remittances, to be extra careful, beware of being deceived.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Luo Chongwei_NB12082