Where is the difference between booking tickets online by netizensexplosive materials: one refund and three compensation

 Where is the difference between booking tickets online by netizensexplosive materials: one refund and three compensation

Where did Ms. Lin actually pay 3,424 yuan on the internet, but the ticket that she typed showed that it included 3,190 yuan for the fuel of the engine construction. Where did the difference go?

On September 6, Qunar responded to the investigation of Qianjiang Evening News. The airline ticket agent cheated consumers. The airline tickets of the agent had been shelved all over the network, and the airline ticket payment price was refunded one to three.

It shows the full price ticket with a 9.4% discount.

Agents false quotation behavior, the platform is also difficult to find before the sale.

Ms. Zhu, the director of the Qunar Serious Complaints Group, told Qianjiang Evening News that, after verification, it was the illegal operation of Shanghai Quick Interest Tourism Consulting Co., Ltd. Agents show users full price Y class, but the actual fare is 9.4% discount Y class, resulting in a price difference of 198 yuan between the fare and the paid price. ?

In view of such acts of agents, where shall we go to characterize the network as a fraudulent consumer? According to the relevant penalties for fraud stipulated by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the highest standard of repayment of one-to-three original price will be made to the customer first, and the whole network will be shelved from the airline tickets of the agent.

Ms. Zhu told reporters that because the air fare is very complex, a sub-cabin such as under the Y cabin, there will be multiple fares, such as Ms. Lins ticket, Y warehouse full price is 3390 yuan, but the agent to 3388 yuan price hanging on the Internet, but the actual fare is 94% 3190 yuan.

Are platforms able to detect false quotations like agents in time?

Ms. Zhu said that because third-party platforms can only show agentspublic quotations, it is difficult for platforms to handle such price differentials before sales. Only when consumers make itineraries, can they find out whether there are agents hidden prices.

Xu, Senior Public Relations Manager of Where to Go Network, told Qianjiang Evening News that compared with other commonly used airlines, the ticket volume of Tibet Airlines is not high. It may be that the agent is gambling: whether passengers will travel itineraries, whether platforms will be found, if lucky, then the difference will be made by the agent.

In order to ensure the personal privacy of passengers, our third-party platform does not have the right to access all information about the users ticket, and agents may also get vulnerabilities, so if some agents deliberately conceal the price, the platform can hardly be completely eliminated, but the platform will find together to investigate and deal with. Ms. Xu said.

At present, the accuracy of where to go for price matching positions has reached more than 99.98%, and the remaining 0.02%, which will be re-checked manually. Ms. Zhu told reporters.

So how does the platform conduct systematic and manual verification?

Ms. Zhu said that if customers print itineraries on the platform where they go, the platform system will automatically identify whether the price of itineraries and the payment amount are sufficient. If the system identifies the phenomenon of insufficient amount, the difference will be automatically returned. If consumers find that the amount is insufficient, the platform will also be returned after manual verification.

Ms. Lins feedback on this order belongs to the negligence of platform verification. In the future, the platform will strengthen manual review. At the same time, through the agent control mechanism which will be severely punished after verification, the rights and interests of users will be guaranteed. Ms. Zhu told reporters.

The so-called full invoice and difference invoice

Its totally inadmissible on the platform.

Qianjiang Evening News also mentioned earlier reports that after the initial discovery of the difference, reporters called to contact where to go for online customer service. Customer service said that the platform could provide full invoices as the par value of the invoice for the payment amount, or provide difference invoices.

In this regard, Ms. Xu told Qianjiang Evening News that this kind of behavior is absolutely not allowed on the platform.

According to the relevant provisions of the State Administration of Taxation and the General Administration of Civil Aviation, the reimbursement vouchers for airfare reimbursement can only use theAir Transport Electronic Ticket Travel List. The full or differential invoices mentioned by the customer service are not allowed to be issued on the platform unless the consumer purchases such tourist holiday packages as air tickets and hotels. The invoice says.

Ms. Xu said that for domestic ticket reimbursement vouchers, the formal treatment of the platform is to issue a schedule that matches the amount of payment.

In view of the existing problems in customer service communication, Ms. Xu said that she would strictly investigate and strengthen the training and supervision of customer service. She also welcomed the supervision of consumers.

In previous reports, there was also a question of bundled consumption from consumers. To this end, Ms. Xu responded that there was absolutely no default check-out service on where to go. Any order page would have an option without any additional services and fees. Consumers could choose.

Where to go?

Follow-up similar orders will be processed on the basis of one refund and three compensation.

After last weeks report came out, some consumers also reported to Qianjiang Evening News that they had experienced overcharges or unclear rules in refunding and re-signing service fees.

In this regard, Ms. Xu told reporters that due to the complexity of the refund and rescheduling policies of various airlines, real-time changes will occur. Different positions, prices and time periods may affect their refund and rescheduling policies and algorithms. International airlines are more complex.

Where to go network in the domestic travel platform, the volume of tickets has been among the top three in the industry, but our refund and re-sign policy can cover only 50% of the airlines, the rest can not be covered, the platform will be markedairlines prevail.

Ms. Xu said that what the platform can guarantee is to show what rules, according to what rules to do.

But often the passengers in accordance with the policy of refund and renewal shown on the website implement the policy of refund and renewal, and then we get the airlines changed policy of refund and renewal. As a result, in fact, the refund and renewal fee is less deducted, but this fee is generally paid by the platform first, and it is impossible to recover it from the users. That can only be paid by the platform. Ms. Xu said that the daily refund and renewal fee of Qunar would be subsidized by millions of yuan.

Also because of the increasingly standardized industry, all information is becoming more open and transparent, consumers can also be more assured of consumption.

Ms. Xu told reporters that due to the low gross profit of single ticket, such a penalty measure of returning one claim three, the whole network off the shelf, is a severe punishment for agents.

Reporters learned that by the time of submission, Ms. Lin, the order complainer, had received a refund of one claim and three payments from Qunar.com.

Where to go online complaint department customer service Ms. Zhou told Qianjiang Evening News, where to go online promised that if consumers found on the platform in the future there was a difference between the itinerary and the actual payment amount of such fraud, where to go online will be paid in full according to the penalty standard of refund one compensation three.

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Luo Chongwei_NB12082