A takeaway boy in Xian was beaten to the ground? Police dispelling rumors: non-recent incidents

 A takeaway boy in Xian was beaten to the ground? Police dispelling rumors: non-recent incidents

On September 7, microblogging began to circulate a video of a takeaway brother in Xian was beaten to the ground and claimed that the site of the explosion was a restaurant near Beiguan in Xian the night before.

Police here clarify that the video is about a public security case that occurred on May 27 this year. It is not a restaurant near Beiguan or a recent incident.

The process of the case is as follows: On May 27, 2019, Mao Mou-mou, a takeaway worker, disputed with Cui Mou-mou (female) of the shop staff during a meal taking-out in a shopping mall in Baqiao District, and then quarreled and tore each other (both sides hurt each other). Later, Li Mou-mou (shopkeeper) and Cui Mou-yong (a relative of Cui Mou) were together. Mao was beaten and Mao was injured in his face and abdomen. Cui was injured in his neck and forehead. At about 12 oclock on the same day, the police station of Fangxi Street, Baqiao Branch of Public Security Bureau, received 110 alarms and immediately sent out the police. It conducted a field visit and investigation. It collected on-site monitoring and related video data, and took both parties back to the police station for further investigation. During the investigation of the case, at the request of both parties, the police station mediated the case on June 5 in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 9 of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security. The total amount of compensation for medical expenses and other loss expenses of the salesman Mao Mou-mou from Cui Mou-mou of the shop is RMB 3000. The two sides understand each other and guarantee that there will be no further disputes. The video content of Weibo, which began to spread on the microblog on September 7, is an incomplete video in the security case. The police here reminds us that those who use incomplete information of old incidents to disseminate, hype or even fabricate false time and maliciously create new incidents will be seriously investigated for their legal responsibility according to law.

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, Editor of Police Patrol Law Enforcement Responsibility in Xian Network