Over 70percent of the return rate of public offering Kings Return comes out in succession.

 Over 70percent of the return rate of public offering Kings Return comes out in succession.

23 funds yield more than 70%.

This year is the year of public fund management.

List of funds that have yielded more than 70% this year:

Note: As of 5 September

Which companies are rich in Niuji?

Generally speaking, the outstanding performance of a single fund reflects the active management ability of fund managers, while the emergence of Niu Ji highlights the overall investment and research strength of a public offering institution.

Reporter statistics found that large and medium-sized public institutions with strong research ability have achieved more outstanding results this year.

From the perspective of fund products yielding more than 60% this year, Penghua Fund Company has seven funds, the largest number of which are Penghua pension industry, Penghua China 50, Penghua industry selection, Penghua consumption optimization, Penghua strategy return, Penghua extension growth, Penghua advantage enterprises.

In addition, two fund companies, Yifangda and Guangfa, each have six funds. Yinhua, Jingshun Great Wall and Huaan have four funds respectively. The number of funds with a return of more than 60% by each public institution:

Note: As of 5 September

Looking at the funds with a yield of more than 50% this year, Fukuo, Huaan, Central Europe and Yifangda have performed well this year, and many of their funds have performed well.

Wells Fargo has 16 finalists, followed by Yifangda, Guangfa and Huaan, which have 14. In addition, Yinhua, Qianhai Kaiyuan and Baoying have 12, 11 and 10 funds respectively.

The number of funds with a return of more than 50% by each public institution:

How to achieve excellent performance?

In this years complex market, how do these funds grasp market opportunities?

Taking the 30-year growth of the exchange rate of 82.86% this year as an example, the fund adopted a warehousing strategy in the first quarter. The stock position increased from 65.03% at the end of last year to 88.08% at the end of the first quarter. At the same time, it maintained a high position operation in the second quarter, and the stock position remained at 87.29% at the end of the second quarter.

Judging from its top ten stocks, the growth of Jiaobin in the past 30 years has mainly invested in innovative hardware, semiconductors, new energy vehicles, 5G telecommunications and other industries. Zhongcang holds several stocks, such as Li-energy, Shanghai Electric Power, Yijiahe and Huiding Technologies.

In the view of Guo Fei, its fund manager, the certainty of performance is the magic weapon to win. The new cycle of science and technology industry led by 5G and the trend of industry transfer represented by chips are becoming clearer and clearer. At the same time, the counter-cyclical blue-chip varieties represented by real estate still have the value of allocation.

Taking Boshi Medical and Health Care Industry A as an example, this years return of the fund reached 78.61%, and its stock position has remained above 80% since this year. It centralizes the distribution of the pharmaceutical industry. Heavy stocks include Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, Myry Pharmaceuticals, Changchun High-tech and so on.

Ge Chen, its fund manager, said that under the unchanged environment, the market would continue to pursue core industry assets and digest its high valuation by locking in annual performance and next years growth quarter by quarter; over-pessimistic stocks were expected to usher in the opportunity of valuation repair.

Source: Liable Editor of China Securities Daily and China Securities Network: Li Zhaoyuan_B7890