Out of the crisis of driver rape and passenger murder, 18.26 million jobs will be created in 2018.

 Out of the crisis of driver rape and passenger murder, 18.26 million jobs will be created in 2018.

Faced with the negative news, Drop by Drop launched a series of rectifications, on August 27, 2018, downline downline downwind in the country.

After a series of reforms and adjustments, Cheng Wei led the team out of the negative crisis of the homicide of the downwind driver. In 2018, 18.26 million employment opportunities were successfully realized, including 11.943 million direct employment opportunities such as online car appointment and driving substitute, and 6.317 million employment opportunities such as car production, sales, refueling and maintenance were indirectly promoted. One. In addition to promoting domestic employment opportunities, the trickle platform has responded positively to the national one belt and one way initiative, creating over 930 thousand overseas direct employment opportunities in the countries along the belt and road. The digester platform has generated a large number of new forms of employment through the digitalization upgrading of the entire travel industry. Driver, driver service manager, automatic driving road test safety administrator, automatic driving test driver and so on. These new forms of employment enrich the employment ecology of the whole travel industry, and are the new growth point of employment driven by platform-based enterprises.

Faced with this achievement, Cheng Weifawen, founder, chairman and CEO of Drop Travel, said, Today, he was chatting with Master Wang by taxi in Shenzhen. He used to do processing business. He drove his own car four years ago. Last year, his daughter-in-law joined Drop Drive a luxury car and became adouble-employeefamily with an online appointment car. He said that although it is hard, but the income is still good, and can train two children in Shenzhen, watching the two brothers and sisters go to school together every day is very happy. Last year, 18.26 million jobs were created. Behind every job opportunity is a family, a responsibility and trust. Whether driver or passenger, travel safety is the first, everyone should fasten their seat belts.

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