She was under house arrest for 16 years and married 19-year-old Fresh Meat, Queen of England and France, the most legendary woman in the Middle Ages.

 She was under house arrest for 16 years and married 19-year-old Fresh Meat, Queen of England and France, the most legendary woman in the Middle Ages.

For the rest of his life, the ultimate goal of his life was to revenge her and wash away this great shame.

But by this time she had changed and put on the back crown of England.

This terrible queen is also forever recorded in history.

Her name had been heard like thunder in her lifetime, and thousands of years after her death were still shining in the stars of history.

Eleanor was the richest woman in France in her time.

She is the Lord of the Principality of Akitan.

At that time, the Kingdom of France was still a loose feudal state.

This kingdom is situated in the southwestern part of France, which was the most extensive and powerful feudal state in France at that time.

It has a humid climate, abundant products and rich literary and artistic flavor. It is called the homeland of bards.

But Eleanor was clearly not edified with a touch of romance and poetry.

She was enthusiastic, shrewd and capable, and her greatest hobby in her teenage years was horseback hunting.

She is the eldest daughter of William X, Duke of Akitan, and has one brother and one sister under her.

Unfortunately, her brother was only four years old, and both died of illness with his mother.

Eleanor was therefore appointed successor by William X, who did not intend to continue.

In 1137, William X was unfortunately infected with dysentery.

On his deathbed, he made a will to King Louis VI of France.

He asked Louis six generations to take care of the Principality of Aquitan and marry Eleanor Zhangluo.

However, William X did not know that his old friend Louis VI was ill.

But the great good news undoubtedly gave him a shot in the arm.

The Cape Dynasty, known as the head of France, actually had only the jurisdiction of Paris and Orleans.

Louis VI was eager to expand his territory all his life, but he never did.

He thought he was going to see God with regret, but he didnt expect such a big piece of pie to fall out of the sky.

The territory of the Principality of Akitan is much larger than that of the Royal capital.

Louis VI was inspired by the idea of fat meat delivered to his door automatically, and immediately gave one of the quickest instructions of his life.

He ordered his heir, Louis Jr., to leave immediately for Bordeaux and marry the heiress of the Principality of Akitan.

Soon afterwards, the heir of the Kingdom of France married the heir of the Principality of Architan.

That year, Eleanor was 16, and so was her husband.

When the good news came back to Paris, Louis VI ended up laughing.

When Louis VII succeeded, Eleanor became the queen of the Kingdom of France.

Eleanor was extremely tired of the title Queen of France.

In addition, he is energetic, enjoys playing, often talks loudly and laughs deafening.

All this makes the Parisian aristocrats look at each other with respect to etiquette and indignation.

Her mother-in-law, Queen Adelaide, Louis VIIs mother, thought her daughter-in-law was too frivolous and had a bad influence.

The church also criticized the new queen for not behaving properly.

But Eleanor turned a deaf ear to all the negative voices.

She has been used to acting on her own since childhood.

Whats more, she was more troubled by her strong disgust with her husband than by rumors.

She disliked her husbands appearance.

Louis VII, by contrast, was pale, short and thin, and still had looped legs.

This image is far from Eleanors ideal husband.

Besides, she also disliked her husbands temperament.

Louis VII, the second son, was raised as a candidate for the future archbishop.

He spent his childhood in the Monastery of Saint Denis and received a rigorous theological education.

However, his brother Philip was so short-lived that he fell off his horse during a ride and broke his neck on the spot.

So Louis, 10, was taken back to the palace and succeeded his brother as heir to the throne.

But when he grew up, Louis VII was still extremely religious, pure-hearted and dull.

This temperament is quite different from that of Eleanor, who is enthusiastic and cheerful.

Moreover, Louis VII believed in asceticism, believing that the only purpose of the union of men and women was to breed offspring.

Therefore, he would only reluctantly sleep with his wife on the premise that Eleanor was not pregnant.

Every time I get in bed, I weep bitterly and express my remorse to God.

This humiliated Eleanor, who once said frantically, I am not married to a king, but to a priest.

Later, she simply took the initiative to shut her husband out.

Instead, they hold dances one after another, playing ambiguous games with poets, knights and lords, and singing at night.

In this way, she dispatches loneliness and regains her self-esteem, which is stabbed by her husband.

Louis VII let his wife indulge.

He cant and doesnt want to.

So many years after their marriage, neither of them had a child.

Finally, under the pressure of both church and family, Eleanor compromised and accepted her husband again.

In 1145, eight years after her marriage, Eleanor finally gave birth to her first child. Its a daughter.

Eleanor finally looked forward to an opportunity to relax away from Paris.

In the second year of his daughters birth, Louis VII responded to the call of the Pope and decided to lead the French aristocracy in the Second Crusade.

Eleanor, in the name of the Countess of the Principality of Architan, formed the Architan Knights and was herself in command.

In defiance of the Popes directive that only men should be allowed to participate in jihad, she selected 300 strong waitresses from the court, all armed as knights, and went out with the army.

It was undoubtedly a difficult and dangerous journey, but Eleanors relaxed manner was surprising.

Often she galloped, her red and fluffy hair leaping like fire, burning the hearts of soldiers.

By contrast, Louis VIIs tense, tense face was funny.

Moreover, he was a devout religious man with no military talent at all.

To make matters worse, his relationship with Eleanor broke down completely during the journey.

Raymond was actually Eleanors distant uncle.

But the two were of the same age, and Raymond was tall and cynical.

When the French Crusaders came to the Principality of Antioch and were warmly received by Lord Raymond, Eleanor fell in love with him at first sight.

Within a few days, the two developed into inseparable, glue-like degree.

Louis VII did not care about his wifes extramarital affairs, but gossip made him feel sad.

So when Raymond asked to join Louis VIIs army and launch a raid on the nearby pagan stronghold in order to give the enemy a lethal blow, Louis VII refused.

He was angry and lacking in military intelligence, and he wanted only to go to the holy city of Jerusalem for pilgrimage.

After Elinor failed to persuade him, a fierce quarrel broke out with Louis VII.

Finally, she decided to lead the Architan Knights to stay in Antioch and help Raymond.

Unexpectedly, King Louis VII changed his previous resentment and ordered his followers to break into Eleanors room in the middle of the night and tie her up and take her away from Antioch.

Later, when the French army arrived in Jerusalem, Louis VII completed his pilgrimage and began to be foolish again.

He was determined to lead the attack on Damascus.

Eleanor objected, arguing that the move was undoubtedly a pebble attack, because Damascus was home to the armies of King Conrad and King Baldwin.

But Louis VII went his own way and again placed his wife under house arrest.

The result of this battle, of course, was that Louis VII was beaten down and defeated by the other side.

Her husbands stupidity and incompetence deprived her of her personal freedom twice, which completely chilled Eleanors heart.

When she returned to France by sea from Jerusalem, Eleanor was no longer willing to sail with Louis VII.

Unexpectedly, when she arrived in Potanga, Italy, Eleanor received the news that Raymond had been defeated and killed.

Sad, Eleanor decided to divorce Louis VII.

She changed her way to Rome and personally asked the Pope to dissolve her marriage.

Pope Eugene III, instead of agreeing, acted as a lobbyist himself and devoted all his efforts to arranging an interesting honeymoon suite for Louis VII and his wife.

As a result, Eleanor was really pregnant.

She had to give up the idea of divorce for the time being.

Louis VII was disappointed again.

Since Eleanor conceived her second child, he prayed every day that God would give him a son.

Because a son can not only solve the problem of the heir of the Kingdom of France, but also acquire the right of succession of the Principality of Aquitan incidentally, and officially pocket the Principality of Aquitan.

But contrary to her wishes, Eleanor gave birth to another daughter.

He was over 30 years old, and his life had entered a period of suspension, as measured by the average life expectancy of 35 years in Europe at that time.

In the spring of 1152, the dissolution agreement was signed and confirmed by the Pope and sent back to France.

Eleanor and Louis VII ended their 15-year marriage.

The two daughters remained in Paris under the guardianship of Louis VII.

Eleanor left Paris in high spirits and returned to her homeland she had been thinking about day and night.

Eight weeks later, Louis VII received an unexpected message.

Eleanor and Henry are very different in age.

Eleanor was 31 when she got married, and Henry was just 19.

Always shrewd Eleanor, why did she marry a suckling boy in a hurry?

Originally, after the divorce, the rich family property and the vast land of Architan made Eleanor the coveted object of all the unmarried aristocrats in France.

Even on her way back from Paris to Architan, she was subjected to the robbery of two Dukes by force.

Fortunately, there was no danger.

So when she returned to Poitier, Eleanor immediately began to think about her marriage in order to prevent herself from falling into danger again.

After her failed marriage to Louis VII, she was determined to take full control of the rest of her life.

She soon thought of Henry the Little Fresh Meat.

Eleanor had been in Paris several times with Henry the previous year.

She was impressed by the strong, male hormone-bursting boy.

Moreover, the future of this young man is limitless.

He has just inherited three titles from his parents, including the Duke of Normandy, Anjou and the Earl of Mann.

More importantly, across the Channel, there is an English throne waiting for him to succeed.

The more Elinor thought, the more satisfied she was. She sent a messenger northward and asked Henry to come and marry her.

Henry was wild with joy when he received the letter.

In the face of an ultra-luxurious dowry, marrying an elderly woman who has just divorced is no problem at all.

Whats more, Eleanor is still beautiful although she is more than ten years older than him.

Henry hurried to Akitan and had a low-key and humble wedding with Eleanor.

When the news reached Paris, Louis VII was very angry.

He believed that he had done the same thing as his ex-wife, so that he made a big mistake and gave up the Principality of Akitan to others.

Because after the marriage of Eleanor and Henry, their territory together has occupied half of the territory of France, and their comprehensive strength has surpassed that of the Cape Dynasty.

With this in mind, Louis VII rose in anger and declared war on Henry and Eleanor.

Before he slowed down, Eleanor hit him hard again.

The next year she married Henry, she gave birth to a fat boy.

And over the next ten years, she continued to give birth to five sons and three daughters for Henry.

Louis VII filed for divorce from the church on the grounds that Eleanor was childless.

Facts have proved that the reason for childlessness is not his ex-wife.

Without saying anything, Eleanor left Louis VIIs dignity as a king and a man to vanish.

No wonder he took defeating Henry and his wife as his first priority all his life.

Two years later, Eleanor was crowned again.

In 1154, Henry ascended the throne of England and became Henry II.

The Kingdom of England, together with half of France, combined the old wives and young husbands, pushed the Canary Dynasty to its peak.

After marriage, they also had a time of intimacy.

This is evident from the fact that they have many children together.

But their personalities are too similar, they are both strong and irritable, and they also have a strong desire to control power.

In addition, Henry was extremely amorous, with a steady stream of mistresses and illegitimate children.

Eventually the two gradually centrifuged.

Fifteen years after their marriage, their youngest son, John, had just reached the age of one. Eleanor formally separated from Henry II and returned to Poitier with several minor children.

A few years later, her sons, dissatisfied with their fathers clinging to power, joined forces to start a riot at the instigation of Louis VIIs son, King Philip II of France.

Sons rebelling against their fathers, which sounds so rebellious, is a common phenomenon in European history.

But the most surprising thing is Eleanor.

After hearing about the rebellion of her sons, she encouraged the noble uprising of Akitan to support their sons.

But this time she was not so lucky.

Henry II kept his headache wife under secret house arrest and taught the Pope to divorce Eleanor.

The Pope rejected his request.

Fortunately, Henry II was a broad-minded and family-minded man despite his love for power.

So in his later years, although his sons had launched several rebellions intermittently, he never killed them after winning every time.

In order not to let his sons be spoiled by their mothers, he often changed Eleanors house arrest places.

So it was not until he died that the sons finally found their mothers hiding place.

By this time, Eleanor had been isolated from the world for 16 years.

But her legendary life is far from over.

Some people say that as long as you live longer than your competitors, you win.

Eleanors life fully validates this wise saying.

He is Richard I, the famous Lion Heart King in history.

So the first thing he did after taking office was to rescue his mother.

By this time, Eleanor, who had regained her freedom, was 68 years old.

In the Middle Ages, this age has been a rare high life.

But she was still ruddy, energetic and agile, not like an old woman who had been under house arrest for many years, but like a middle-aged lady who had been cultivated for a long time.

Her two husbands, the biggest enemies of her past, have gone down in succession.

She finally ushered in an era that truly belonged to her.

Therefore, in addition to the ruling power of the Principality of Architan, he also granted his mother the actual power to govern Britain.

In her later years, Eleanor fully demonstrated her intelligence and political wisdom.

She runs the marriage of her children and marries their daughters to the monarchs of some of the most powerful countries in Europe.

And their marriages are happy, and their descendants are all over Europe, so Eleanor is nicknamed Royal Grandmother of Europe.

At the end of 1192, after the Third Crusade, Richard was captured by the Duke of Austria, Leopold, on his way home and handed over to Henry VI, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

Henry VI then demanded a large ransom from England.

Eleanor wrote to the Pope and his sons-in-law, the rulers of all European countries, and finally raised 150,000 gold marks in many ways.

Regardless of her age, she traveled across the continent to Germany with a huge sum of money and redeemed Richard.

Later, after Richard died of illness, Eleanor supported her youngest son, John, to succeed because of childlessness.

John is the famous landless king in European history.

Up to the age of 80, in order to promote the reconciliation between Britain and France, Eleanor went over hills and mountains and personally managed the marriage of her granddaughter and her French heir.

The energetic woman had been tossing about until she was 83 years old before she died.

Eleanor is undoubtedly a tough woman.

Her forcefulness stems from her advanced ideology and behavioral style.

In the dark Middle Ages, when womens rights were totally ignored, she was able to be independent of gender and secular rules.

When she openly betrayed her husband, Henry II, Archbishop Rouen wrote to her in an open letter:

Men are womens leaders, and unless you return to your husband, they will be the ones who destroy everything.

After reading the letter, Eleanor laughed, torched the waste paper, and then did what.

No one can be my leader. I has the final say in my life.

Indeed, Eleanor never considered herself a traditional wife or queen.

She does not think that as a woman, she must be inferior and can only become a vassal of men.

She is not dominated by emotions. She lives rationally and firmly, resolutely and courageously, and acts as soon as she wants.

This spirit of independence is invaluable in any era.

Even if we live in modern society, it is also worth having.

Because independence is the greatest motivation of women.

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