When caressing, he broke his girlfriends finger twice.

 When caressing, he broke his girlfriends finger twice.

These days, a singer who is away from the eighteenth line has been taken to the hot search for domestic violence.

Therefore, my sister also knew a slag man named Zhang Bo.

He participated in Tomorrows Son 2, but was quickly eliminated, with only tens of thousands of fans on Weibo.

Late in the night of September 3, musician Zhang Kexuan pointed at her boyfriend Zhang Weimu to carry out serious domestic violence, and there are many pictures to prove it.

The article describes the seven major crimes of boyfriend, from verbal humiliation, violent assault, rape, to the use of girlfriend information to borrow online, each of which breaks through the bottom line of ordinary people and is horrible.

What strikes my sister even more is that there are solid hammers in almost every crime.

In this article, Zhang Kexuan describes the most serious domestic violence:

Kick from the living room to the door, kneel down, kick all kinds of, keep slapping, take the hanger to the hanger deformation. I couldnt move. I couldnt even respond to the shout. So I began to cut my hair.

No one can stand such a thing.

But Zhang Yumu doesnt think so.

He posted a micro-blog: Today I had a fight with Sanmi, and both of them had their hair shaved.

The tone was relaxed and lively, as if to commemorate an interesting event, and to expose their shaving photos.

Zhang Kexuan also said that in a quarrel, Zhang Huanmu broke her finger for no reason, and then continued to break her injured finger in a quarrel a few days later.

Its terrible to break your finger. Whats more terrible is Zhang Weifas microblog:

But the man is not reluctant, in order to deceive the woman back, all kinds of blackmail, intimidation, do everything possible.

After the threat was useless, he began to soften up again: You come back, I apologize. No strength, get off the plane, you can turn around and leave.

After the woman got off the plane, the man did not take it easy. Instead, he forced the woman to return to the place where she lived to negotiate by grabbing luggage, glasses and self-mutilation.

After breaking up, she also used her girlfriend to sell miserably, asking fans to collect tuition fees, and telling them that their money had been cheated by their girlfriend...

This love, in fact, only three months, but no one seems to be very long.

Fortunately, the woman was awake and alerted the police, believing that waiting for the slag man would be punished by law.


Last year, the incident of Jiang Jinfus family violence against his Japanese girlfriend broke out in the entertainment circle.

First, Youhua Zhongpu posted pictures of herself beaten on INS and declared that Jiang Jinfus disappearance was related to herself.

In the photo, the large area of bruises on her whole body, which she had been beaten into, was clearly visible, and she did not tolerate it, so she decided to call the police and appeal.

For a while, many people did not believe that this sunny boy would have a violent side.

Even stars like Hu Ge, Yu Haoming, Sun Yizhou, Gulinaza and Jiang Mengjie spoke for him.

Wrong is wrong, but dont lie down. One clap wont clap. Something has happened in my family. He has been comforting me. I feel very clear about his sincerity.

However, with the investigation of the police and the exposure of the official injury report, the fact of domestic violence could not be avoided. Finally, Jiang Jinfu himself admitted that his domestic violence.

No matter how good his image is in front of his fans or friends, its not his reason for committing a crime.

Moreover, according to the testimony, Jiang Jinfus domestic violence was not for some unforgivable reason at all. Sometimes it was just because he dreamed that his ex-girlfriend had done something to upset him. It was a violent beating.

He was a good father and husband before the violence was exposed. In fact, during his wifes pregnancy and motherhood, he had six domestic violence, one of which had her aborted. Usually, some child-holding behaviors were posed.

Even after the divorce, he had no shame to extort his wifes money.

The life of entertainment stars is highly exposed. Once domestic violence is involved, there will be no turning around.

No fans will pay for a bully, and were glad to see that they have no future.


There are countless examples of domestic violence by ordinary people, many of which happen around us.

According to the statistics of the All-China Womens Federation, 30% of married women in China have suffered domestic violence. On average, one woman is beaten by her husband every 7.4 seconds. Every year, 157,000 women commit suicide, and 60% are due to domestic violence.

The Family Violence Incident of Li Yang, the founder of Crazy English was the most sensational.

Home violence in ordinary families does not stir up waves like celebrities when exposed. Many times, the first time the victim is not to ask for help from his family, not to call the police, but to feel that it is family ugliness, should not let more people know, silent tolerance.

Just last month, on August 27, a beautiful teacher in Bazhong fell from a 14-storey building, ending her life at the age of 26.

Insiders have revealed that the woman can not bear her husbands domestic violence, chose to jump, and when jumping, the husband not only did not stop, but in the side video?! Related cases are also under investigation.

The voice of the deceased finally sent to his girlfriend shows that they often fight after marriage.

But for the sake of face, and unwilling to make parents angry, he knocked out his big teeth and swallowed them in his stomach.

In addition to face problems, many victims also have lucky mentality, as long as the perpetrator gives a little sweetness, they will find many excuses to excuse the perpetrator:

There are also many in order to give the child a complete home.

A female executive in Hangzhou has chosen to remain silent for her children, despite the pain of domestic violence.

In fact, such a growing environment can hurt children much more than divorce! Children are more prone to mental illness!

Super star Rihanna made headlines several times for being bruised by her boyfriend Chris Brown.

She even explained that she could understand her boyfriends domestic violence, because she had been accustomed to seeing her fathers domestic violence and her mothers domestic violence since childhood.


My sister thinks that when the cost of domestic violence is very low and forgiveness can be obtained without paying any price, the probability of domestic violence recurring is very high.

A friend of my sisters had a quarrel between husband and wife after marriage. As usual, it was just a trivial matter. Unexpectedly, my husband started this quarrel, slapped her and kicked her to the ground.

The quarrel turned to quarrel and escalated to domestic violence.

Friends of the first time decisive alarm, but also called a group of relatives Xingshi inquiry, after this incident, the husband let alone start, the two quarrels are much less, the husband and wife get along with a lot of harmony.

Many facts have proved that:

Domestic violence is usually accompanied by persistence, so it is necessary to extinguish the ignited flames in the first place.

Instead of being blamed for his actions, he was shouted well beaten by the people around him.

The reason is that his son-in-law often abuses his daughter.

In the video, the 60-year-old father scolded and beat, and was very emotional.

What do you want?

Sister here is not a means of advocating violence, but domestic violence, which is much more serious than we imagined. If we need to use the strength of family members, we must not be tolerant because of face.

Of course, we must also learn to use the law to protect ourselves and say no to domestic violence.

When necessary, choose to leave and never give the other party a chance to hurt.