How long havent we met?

 How long havent we met?

Then put aside the vibration of the mobile phone and concentrate on changing the plan. With the sound of his keyboard tapping, little by little, his plan was finally improved. He picked up the mobile phone and saw that it was almost ten oclock. There were three unresponded calls from his girlfriend and a bunch of unread messages.

The girl said, You know youre busy, but I didnt expect to see you so busy every day, but Im afraid to disturb you. You havent talked to me in voice for a long time, and you havent had a good meal with me. Ill go first. Lets save this meal for the next time.

He wanted to rush to his girlfriend and say sorry immediately, but he felt that even if he said sorry, he was pale and helpless. He felt wronged for his girlfriend and sorry for himself. Concentrating on feelings, I called my girlfriend and said I was sorry.

If they get along in this way all the time, one day the girl will feel chilly, and if they are disappointed enough, they will leave by themselves.

In this world, we can not get what we want because of money; where we want to go, we will give up because of time and work; and what we want to do, there is always no answer.

The same is true of the person you want to see. Dont wait until that person is disappointed enough to think of finding him. As the saying goes, meet three emotions really love a person is never material satisfaction, nor is it three or two love words on Wechat to him. True love is to find him without everything. This is the feeling of temperature.