Do not toss, take what to recall (deep good text)

 Do not toss, take what to recall (deep good text)

The picturesque scenery is the generosity of nature to human beings; striving in the cause is the expectation of life; never underestimate your ability to realize your dreams. How much of your life remains in the envy of others? If you dont toss about, youll be old!

The so-called youth memoir is the memory of the time when it is tossing and turning. When you are young, when you are young, when you are working, you should read more books to help your body and mind; when you have time, you should visit more friends. Busy, make life more meaningful. This is a kind of training, but also a kind of memory.

Whatever attracts you, toss about.


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Slow down and find the beauty of life.

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