If you are too young to be serious, please grow old gracefully.

 If you are too young to be serious, please grow old gracefully.

Youth is always ignorant. It is in full bloom and fragrance. No matter how many flowers blossom or how many storms there are, it is because of the stubbornness, stumbling and courage of the newborn calf. No need to be deliberate, no need to create, everything is so casual, real and without scruples.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the unique heroism of youth that the road under your feet, although occasionally muddy, is also free and easy to walk simply, invisibly, as if the years have accelerated the pace, fleeting.

The most important thing is that the light and shadows flick through the gap like a white foal. Before counting the years of spring and autumn, the sandy years just slip away in the grip of the hand.

Time is like a river, where the past can not be found and piled up in clusters, while the other side is the future that can not be seen, paving the way. No matter how many bags you carry on your shoulders, you always have to start. If the bags are heavy and the feet are dignified, the past is smoky, and you take them or put them down, they are empty. If you can go to battle lightly, you should have enough space to reload new harvest and growth.

In the final analysis, youth is only a journey. It is the spring of life. It blossoms in a hurry and has its own fragrance. Only when spring comes and summer comes, when summer comes and autumn harvest comes, when autumn passes and winter comes, life will be silent.

When you are too young to be serious, at least you should be serious about getting old. That road is to precipitate the weight of life, and that journey is also to understand the warmth and warmth.

Years and years and scenery, scenery and feelings. Holding the most beautiful scenery in my heart becomes a kind of demeanor, tranquil and far-reaching; Holding the most beautiful scenery in my memory becomes a realm, leisurely and open-minded; Holding the most beautiful scenery in my life becomes a kind of wisdom, calm and calm.

Imagine, that autumn pot of tea, tasting up, should have a more fragrant fragrance, that tea, green but not floating, fragrant but not strong; that water, hot but not hot, luster but not rich. Just like the life that has gone through the baptism of years, every relaxation has its own scale, no longer ignorant, no longer green.

Thus, we have learned to be graceful, the older we are, the more indifferent and tolerant we are. Love by adding, hate by subtracting, gratitude by multiplying, and worry by dividing. In life, people will inevitably encounter unpleasant things, encounter unpleasant people, learn to forgive, is a kind of mind, learn to put down, is a kind of relief. Its like an umbrella, helping you to walk in the rainy season, more like a lamp, illuminating your dark road at night.

Often, I feel that I havent had time to gallop in that unruly youth, and have been pushed to the ranks of youth by time. Past confusion, like looking at flowers in the fog, seemingly understand or not understand, harvested a handful of years. Now, years are like flowers, blooming into the sea, and everywhere is the most exuberant blooming of life, swaying and fragrant step by step.

Therefore, life is also a little more intentional, a little serious, a little leisurely, a little quiet. If you love, life is lovely everywhere; if you hate, life is hateful everywhere. If you are grateful, life can be grateful everywhere; if you grow up, life can grow every now and then. Wind and rain life, through ourselves, and let us, sadness left to yesterday, the smile engraved on the face.

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