Behind Mowenweis original room, the hotel is a sexual fantasy with no bottom line.

 Behind Mowenweis original room, the hotel is a sexual fantasy with no bottom line.

Thats why there are so many businesses willing to spend a lot of money to find stars to advertise.

However, there are often some business speculation and ingenuity, reluctant to pay and want to calm down.

In business, this marketing method is called celebrity effect, which is to use ordinary peoples esteem for celebrities and follow psychology to achieve the purpose of stimulating consumption.

Of course, when using this method, we should pay attention to a certain degree, which can only be effective on the basis of public acceptance.

If it exceeds the publics expected acceptance ability, it will only have the opposite effect in the end.

Goddess Mo left Enshi, but the room she stayed in was still there.

Yuwen still exists, Yuxiang still exists, waiting for you tonight!

Recently, a promotional poster with obvious provocative meaning and clearly marked price bidding for the rooms where Mother Goddess has stayed has aroused many doubts on the Internet.

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Recently, the well-known Hong Kong actress Mo Wenwei encountered a very disgusting bad news during her tour in Enshi, Hubei Province.

Not long ago, Mowenwei stayed at the Ruiheng International Hotel in Enshi Station in order to hold the Wonderful Mowenwei World Tour Concert.

It is reasonable to say that this hotel, as an internationally renowned chain brand, has been chosen as the place of residence by the stars, which should show its professional and reliable side.

Unexpectedly, however, Mowenwei left the hotel after checking out. The Hotel launched a marketing campaign called Mothers Garden Suite Bidding.

The advertisement shows that the starting price of the room is 8800 yuan per night.

The bidders will increase the price by 500 yuan each time, and the highest bidder will get the right of abode.

The registration time is August 27 to 28, and the final bidding will be held in the lobby bar of the hotel on August 28.


An ugly Hotel

Mo Wenwei also made history in Enshi, becoming the first singer to hold a large-scale personal concert in the local area.

But when the concert was over, an advertising poster went wild among local friends.

At the top left of the poster is the logo of the local Ensley International Hotel.

In the middle, there are photos of hotel rooms that have not been cleaned.

The bottom part is a vulgar and exotic advertisement, open auction of Mo Wenweis Yuwenfang.

A native of Enshi, Mr. Li, attended Mo Wenweis concert on August 24.

Later, I was shocked to see posters forwarded by others in the Wechat group.

Before, some people in the group called the number left behind by the poster, and the hotel said that the activity was really being done. This hotel is so ugly to eat. How dare any stars stay after the hot weather?

Condemning the hotel not only violates Mo Wenweis image, reputation and personal rights by auction rooms, but also challenges the bottom line of public morality by propaganda and copywriting, and damages the image of Enshi city.

One Tian Orange said that the hotel had no cooperative relationship with the concert.

The hotel is a world-renowned brand, as Enshi high-end hotel, regardless of its brand image.

As a public hotel, the hotel not only fails to protect the privacy of artists, but also openly auctions the rooms it has stayed in at high prices, which has been strongly questioned.

Netizens have also expressed indignation and denounced the hotel as a violation of artistsprivacy.

After the incident, the hotel eventually apologized publicly.


Karen Mok responded

On September 1, Mo Wenwei, as a litigant, also personally responded to the incident.

In this industry for more than 20 years, never heard of such a situation.

The Hotel knows its wrong and apologizes. I dont think it matters anymore. I just hope there wont be any similar incidents in the future.

For the hotel industry, leaking the information of celebrity residents is a significant violation of the privacy of guests, which has become extremely unprofessional.

And vulgar marketing copy, it is even more people can not bear to look directly, can be said to be inferior to the extreme.

Throughout the past news, Mo Wenwei is not the first public figure to be sold by the hotel.

After celebrities retire from the hotel, the event of original room being marketed by the hotel happens from time to time.

In 2015, stars such as Dawn, Liu Yifei and Yu Shaoqun stayed in a local village hotel during the filming of the film Night Peacock in a village of Xichong County, Sichuan Province.

According to Sichuan News Network, after the departure of the crew, the village hotel rooms where the stars stayed were marked on Wechats public number for 19800 yuan, 18800 yuan and 8800 yuan.

The micro-signal also takes original room as the selling point, emphasizing that all the furnishings, daily necessities and bedsheets are not replaced.

At the same time, their privacy will be violated, and they will also receive higher attention.

However, if we focus on such incidents and treat them as lace news to kill time, we will undoubtedly ignore the more serious problems.


When can vulgar marketing be eradicated

In order to attract attention, embedding female body as a symbol in commodity marketing with strong sexual implications is a common feature of vulgar marketing.

For example, the pornographic marketing absolute taste of duck neck advertising, and the subsequent drip-by-drip advertising, Lets date, are very typical cases.

And the most powerful marketing of this hormone lies in:

The visitors who thought they were out of the way turned out to be mass actors, which really made people vulnerable to defense.

Most importantly, this type of marketing may even spread more widely than regular advertising and marketing.

The more vulgar, the more likely it is to arouse disgust, leading to hot online discussions, become a topic, followed by a series of posts, discussions, criticism.

Equivalent to the existence of hype intentions of brands, enterprises, artists (network celebrities) to get more exposure.

No money to pick up a more considerable popularity.

Therefore, we can often see the news on the Internet, such as Bikini Beauty Car Washing and Sexy Beauty Ren Sweeping Two-Dimensional Code.

To put it bluntly, some companies are attracting attention with beautiful women as gimmicks.

Fear of not attracting enough, plus bikini and sexy tags to boost one.

Earlier, the media questioned that there were so many ways and means of product publicity. Why did they use the least vulgar one?

It is because the use of beauty propaganda is the simplest and most brutal, eye-catching effect is most obvious.

So many businessmen are happy to play the Beauty card.

At present, many industries are caught in the whirlpool of vulgar marketing.

Internet companies mainly promote sexy women. Films and TV dramas attract audiences by bed play. Advertisements for online games are necessarily beautiful women dressed in cool clothes.

However, using pornographic vulgarity to hype is absolutely not a proper marketing method, and the consequences are also very serious.

The main purpose of vulgar marketing is to gain peoples attention, but this does not necessarily mean that sales will increase.

On the contrary, it may also lead to the loss of brand customers.

In order to satisfy their own private interests, we must not use vulgar and despicable marketing methods to violate social customs and damage the public interests of society.

David Ogway, the founder of advertising and marketing, once said:

Dont design advertisements that you dont even want your family to see.

Advertising and marketing are regarded as the refinement of corporate spirit and the core of brand value.

Any start-up company or brand wants to get media exposure and user attention at the lowest cost.

So they often choose event marketing as a small and big way.

But according to the classical triangle theory, all products should be composed of popularity, reputation and loyalty.

If a brand relies on vulgar marketing to get the users eye, how can we expect to impress users and make them loyal brand supporters?

Similar malicious marketing, often not recognized by consumers, may also be counterproductive, causing the investigation of regulatory authorities.

In order to stimulate consumption to drive income, the celebrity effect is also justifiable.